“The Universe is not made of atoms.
It's made of TINY STORIES."

Rakkh Learning | Resort in Palampur

Rakkh exists as an integral part of the community providing not just a view but an intimate experience of local living. Active lifestyle necessitated by the terrain we exist in gives you a new appreciation for slow travel, being connected to the here and now. Even if temporarily, the warmth and welcome you feel here will make Rakkh your home sensitizing you towards sustainability and responsible living by default, key principles we have internalized long before they were fashionable jargon.

The cornerstones of all our unique experiences are the indulgence in simple pleasures of life, bonding with family and friends, disconnecting from the virtual world allowing a digital detox of your existence and finally letting go of the irony we use like armour to be free, vulnerable and embrace the humour and happiness of life. In short, life at Rakkh is a lot of learning and you take back with you not just memories of a lovely holiday but lessons of a lifetime!

Water Mill or Pan Chakki

Pan Chakki or Gharat

Taking you back in time

Pottery at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Pottery at Rakkh

Scintillating to the senses

Organic Garden at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Kitchen Garden

A farm to table experience

Himachali Rasoi at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Himachali Rasoi

An authentic culinary experience of the mountain people

Himachali Dham at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Kangri Dham

A must-experience local tradition

Village Walk at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Rakkh Village Walk

An immersive local experience

Local Jams at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Local Jams and Pickles

It's time to indulge!

Chururu Natural Spring Water

Natural Spring Water

Himachali for natural spring water

The Tea Experience of Himachal Pradesh

Tea Factory

The Pluck to Cup Experience

Himachali Weaving

A local fashion & textile experience

Bird Watching in Himachal Pradesh


Kangra, a haven for Avain beauties

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