“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief
that someone else will save it.”
– Robert Swan, Author

Sustainability at Rakkh Resort in Dharamshala

We inherit a world whose undercurrent of adherence to absolute beauty has over aeons moulded everything we see around. Magnified maximally here, nature is a beacon calling us ashore to a land of meaningful travel and measured indulgence.

When we live as children of the land, caring for mother nature is our identity and not just a choice. Upholding the sanctity of the land by reducing waste is what we naturally do when we treat the larger local community as our family.

Responsible Tourism


As the sentinels and custodians of the abode of gods, we at Rakkh believe it is our quintessential duty and responsibility to ensure the sanctity and purity of the environment around us. We have put in place certain simple measures to ensure that we treat the land that gives us our livelihood with the respect and gratitude it deserves.

Sustaining Natural Spring Water

Charuru, Himachali for natural spring water is as sweet-sounding as the water is sweet with its nutrients and minerals dissolved. Recently, scientific research has shown that water with optimal TDS and a good spectrum of dissolved minerals is far healthier for consumption than RO water. We are blessed to have this natural spring within Rakkh which provides the water needs of the entire resort fortified with the richness of minerals and sweetness of heavens. That being said, we are cautious and get our waters tested on a regular basis to check for any inadvertent pollutants or effluents mixing in the groundwater. Click here for the latest certificate. 

Natural Spring Water - Rakkh Resort Palampur

Water Hut

There is a natural spring within the property and a dedicated water hut has now been built for the guests to stay hydrated with the mineral-rich nutritious water coming directly from the Himalayan mountains, sand purified and UV filtered, stored in the traditional matkas and take-away bottles. Hydration points have also been added throughout the resort, which will offer local drinks and Kangra tea to quench the guests’ thirst.

Natural Spring Water - Rakkh Resort Palampur
Plastic Free water bottle at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Free of Toxins and Plastic since inception

Rakkh is free of plastic bottles and single use plastics. The blessed waters of Charuru, our very own natural water spring supplies us with enriched water that we bottle in glass and copper containers after proper filtration to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff. The toiletries used in the rooms are available in refillable dispensers reducing the use of single use plastic.

Our Community

We believe in community empowerment and economic emancipation. A happy workforce is a motivated one. Most of our team is from local villages reducing the carbon footprint of long commutes at the same time keeping them emotionally satisfied being connected to family and community at large.

Community at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Sustainable Architecture

Rakkh has adopted local architecture and construction materials in many of the structures including the open air kitchen of Himachali Rasoi, Pottery Station, Maggi station, weaving hut among others. Local mud or adobe construction helps generate employment to the artisans and workers around here. 

Sustainable Arhitecture at Rakkh Resort Palampur


Our Kitchen Garden

Studies have shown Gen Z is a more grounded generation with aspirations for a good work-life balance and are sensitive towards the ecological impact of our existence and choices. The growing popularity of urban gardens, hydroponics, vertical gardens even in the high rises of metros is a testament to the burning desire to be close to nature.

Responsible Sourcing

Vegetables and fruits above and beyond produced in our organic kitchen farm, is sourced through local villagers. The wheat flour needed for our breads is processed in the Pan - Chakki or watermill nearby, operated by the village. Even exquisite varieties of jams, marmalades, pickles are sourced from local industries with sustainable and social practices such as Bhuira Jams 

Sustainability at Rakkh Resort Palampur


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