Ahoy, young explorers! So you want to experience the great outdoors at our resort in Himachal Pradesh? You’ll need a special document all filled up here when you leave with mummy and papa! For you see, anyone who visits our resort in Himachal Pradesh must go on adventures bold and far in order to see what Himachal truly feels like. That’s why we’re going to give you the Rakkh Activity Passport when you visit us! Want to know what’s inside? Read on!

Rakkh Activity Passport: Your Mandatory Document For
A Fun Time!

Of course like any passport, you’ll need to fill in all your details. Your parents can help you out of course! This is for you as a reminder of the day you walked into our resort in Himachal Pradesh. Once you’ve filled that up, you’ll see that there’s a bunch of activities for you to accomplish with points for every one of them! Now let’s look at some of the most special activities here!  

Fun for Kids at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts at Rakkh are an exciting and interactive activity that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. They're a great way to encourage you to explore and learn about the surroundings of our hill resort in the Himachal, while having fun with friends or family. It consists of being given a list of natural objects to find, and a fixed time limit to go hunt for them. Sounds easy, but requires keen senses to win!

Signature Experience - Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

Village Walk

Have you ever wondered what life in the village must be like? If so, this one's for you! You’ll be shown an authentic Himachali village early in the morning and maybe you’ll even get to say hi and play some cricket with some new friends that you’ll meet there. This village is called Rakkh, just like our resort! You’ll also see colorful houses and maybe get to taste what someone is cooking for breakfast..for the explorer that loves making new friends, this one is a no brainer!

Mountain Biking Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

Mountain Biking

Is walking too boring for you? How about zooming past all your buddies on 2 wheels? Just hop aboard one of our cycles at Rakkh and go pedalling away into the distance, exploring the many routes and wooded paths around our resort in Himachal Pradesh. Don’t worry about safety: All our cycles are regularly inspected, and we’ll give you a helmet and safety equipment. And after all, only a fall will turn you into a true explorer!  

Adventures at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

Riverside Trek

Want to venture out further, you say? The riverside trek takes you along some of the most beautiful forests that surround our resort in Himachal Pradesh and give you a proper workout too! You’ll be accompanied by mom and dad for this one as there are some tricky sections (but all perfectly safe). And once you reach the stream where the water is pure and clear, you get to splash about as we open up a picnic basket full of yummy sandwiches and other treats for you!

Fun for Kids at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

Spotting Birds at Rakkh

Too many things happening at once, you say? Want to do something fun that’s also slow? Let our naturalist guide you on a bird watching tour where you’ll get to say hello to some of the most beautiful birds of our country! Perhaps you’ll also see a mongoose making its way through the shrub, or a snake lazily sunning itself on a rock. After all, we’re walking through their homes!  

Culinary Experiences at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala


Here’s a new hobby for everyone in the family! Try your hand at stitching a traditional Himachali dress at our weaving station with Safedu Aunty, the expert weaver at our resort in Himachal Pradesh. She might make it seem easy, but this is a task that needs you to be creative and alert! So watch her carefully as she knits each thread together like magic.  

Fun for Kids at Rakkh Resort Palampur


How about you get your hands dirty and create something beautiful out of the pure mountain soil? Safedu aunty also happens to be an expert potter! Have a pottery lesson at our pottery station with your mum and dad. Of course, you’re free to make anything you like and even take it home after drying!  

Culinary Experiences at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

Tent Pitching

This is the great outdoors, after all. And there’s nothing like sleeping in a tent with the sounds of the hills slowly singing you a lullaby. Learn how to pitch a tent and earn extra brownie points the next time you go camping with your family!

Fun for Kids at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala


This is where things get really exciting! Slacklining is a fun way to test your fitness, patience and walking skills! There’s no need to worry of course as we’ll give you everything you need to be safe while attempting a line.

Culinary Experiences at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

Sky cycling

Finally, our latest addition to Rakkh Resort! Have you ever wanted to fly like ET did with his friends? Hop aboard our sky cycles and soar across the hills in style, dozens of feet above the ground!  

Fun for Kids at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

Wall Climbing

Put your physical stamina to the test with Rakkh's very own wall-climbing setup, with full safety gear and trained professionals to help you every step of the way.

Culinary Experiences at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

DIY cooking 

If you've ever dreamt of making your own pizzas, Rakkh is here to fullfill that dream! Don a chef's hat and coat and get messy at our pizza station, complete with a wood-fired pizza oven. We also have a maggi counter if you're craving this most popular mountain snack!

Fun for Kids at Rakkh Resort Dharamshala

Tree Rope Obstacle Course

Our exciting Rope Tree Obstacle Course is specially designed to thrill and challenge children of all ages. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, this unique course combines fun and learning in a safe and supervised environment. As they navigate through various obstacles and conquer the heights with confidence, kids can develop valuable skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and resilience.

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