“One of the very nicest things about
life is the way we must regularly stop
whatever it is we are doing and devote
our attention to eating.”
– Luciano Pavarotti

Culinary Cosmos at Rakkh Resort in Dharamshala

At Rakkh, a member of Radisson Individuals Retreats we believe in promoting local flavors, so there is a strong emphasis on local Himachal food on our menus, with its rich and out of this world flavours. Join us at our Himachal Kitchen for a taste of mountain food prepared the traditional way. Join us to cook and learn the secrets of this largely overlooked Indian local cuisine, and enjoy the spoils of your hard work at sit down Himachali feast at lunchtime.

Himachali Rasoi

One of the most beloved and anticipated experiences is the Himachali Rasoi inspired by the famed Dham feast of Himachal. It is prepared by our local staff headed by Hema aunty, our ‘Woman Friday’ in the words of Robinson Crusoe. 

Himachali Rasoi Rakkh Resort Palampur

Kangri Dham

Dham is a no onion garlic, lentil and gram based, slow-cooked feast. It includes rajmah madra, kadi, khatta, sepu badi, and so forth, with rice, cooked by Botis using their preserved secret recipes in copper and brass vessels and served in pattal plates. Your arrival is reason enough for us to celebrate and organize the feast. For larger groups, we organize the Dhaam on request.
Himachali Dham at Rakkh Resort Palampur

DIY at Rakkh

We have added a DIY (Do It Yourself) station as an extension of our existing DIY experiences. This will add to bonding with your family and test your culinary skills, with options for all age groups. At the Pizza station, you get to make a pizza of your choice from scratch, and at the BBQ station you can barbeque food of your choice.

Maggi Station

Active holidays at Rakkh coupled with the fresh mountain air and happy you could mean a large appetite. Hunger can strike at any time. So we have generously created a Maggi Station for you, open 24/7. The catch you ask? Well, you and your loved ones have to cook together. All the supplies are kept ready including farm fresh vegetables from our organic garden to make a steaming hot bowl of sumptuous Maggi. If you have never cooked in your life and are on a digital detox, our display recipe could be quite useless. Good luck to you!

Maggi Station at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Fresh Juice Station

With all the fun filled indulgences, our activities experts will make sure you break into a sweat even in the cool mountain weather of Rakkh and our Resort Manager stays uphill with her head in the clouds, making you breathless just thinking about marching up to complain. On popular demand, we have installed a juice station, where you are free to fix a giant nimboo paani or any number of mocktails, depending on your talent. Replenish your mojo as you please. Are you ready for a trek to the Gadhi snow point now? Sure, go ahead and make one for the road!

Fresh Juice Station at Rakkh Resort Palampur

Local Jams and Pickles

The verdant hills of Kangra with its salubrious atmosphere is a paradise of fruiting orchards, with apples, plums, apricot, mango, strawberry among others. The sweet people of Himachal Pradesh led by the charming Linnet Mushran and Rebecca Mushran have crafted the most delicious jams, jellies, preserves and marmalades made from fresh organic produce keeping health and hygiene in focus. At Rakkh we invite this sweetness into our home and plates supporting local entrepreneurship adding value to the community by empowering local women, over a hundred of them, work at Bhuira Jams, all the while being sustainable. Many other local cottage industries, mostly operated by women, around here supply us with our pickles too.

Jams and Pickles at Rakkh Resort Palampur


Our Kitchen Garden

Studies have shown Gen Z is a more grounded generation with aspirations for a good work-life balance and are sensitive towards the ecological impact of our existence and choices. The growing popularity of urban gardens, hydroponics, vertical gardens even in the high rises of metros is a testament to the burning desire to be close to nature. 

Wine and Dine at Rakkh Resort Palampur


Dining Spaces

Our main restaurant, Dham (meaning “Feast” in the local language) is a multi-cuisine restaurant, serving the best of pan-Indian and International cuisine, including south Indian breakfasts, fresh salads, mouthwatering South East Asian and Mediterranean fare. All meals are included in your stay at Rakkh, including bed tea in the morning, breakfast, all refreshments during your outings, unlimited juices throughout the day, sundowner snacks and dinner.

We also have a bar at Rakkh; enjoy a bottle of wine during the sundowner or enjoy our special cocktails around a bonfire!

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