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A Traveller's Guide To Himachal | Rakkh Resort In Palampur

If you are an individual who loves the never-ending cold climate, peace, tranquility, a little potful of adventure and a whole lot of fun, then the hill paradise of Himachal Pradesh is the right travel destination for you.

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The Rakkh Guide To Birding | Rakkh Resort In Palampur

So you’ve read our previous posts about the beautiful birdlife in the Himachal region, and hopefully are enamoured enough to try and become a birder yourself. But where do you begin? Depending on your interest levels and more, the art of birding can either be a weekend hobby or a lifetime passion. Here’s a small, straightforward guide to get you started.  

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Where The Wild Things Are:
Wildlife Around Rakkh Resort
In Dharamshala

For millennia, the hills that surround our resort in Palampur have harbored a natural world of great magnitudes. Indeed, the mighty Himalayas support one of the world’s oldest ecosystems, from millions of years ago. Rakkh resort in Dharamshala is a part of the Indian Himachal Reserve, a popular biodiversity hotspot.

a woman in a village near a resort in dharmshala

The Village Walk At Rakkh: Among Friendly Faces And Timeless Tradition

Have you ever wondered where our resort in Palampur got its name from? As it turns out, Rakkh resort owes its name and indeed its persona to the quaint and charming village of Rakkh, a short distance away. In a world of fast paced lives and deadlines, we could all learn a thing or two from the humble residents of Rakkh village

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On The Path To The Spiritual: Norbulingka Monastery In Dharamsala

As we’ve iterated in our previous posts, Dharamshala has always been a center of spirituality and worship along with being a fine winter destination for those from the plains. Today, most of these centers are still very much active places of worship, each with their own special story and place in history. There are a good number of monasteries in Dharamshala.

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Tantalizing Tapestry: One string at a time

Himachal Pradesh has a rich history of textile in various materials from cotton to wool to even hemp owing to a rich diversity of land and seasons, facilitating and necessitating the mastery of this art form. The cold weather of winter is prohibitive and requires warm clothing as a survival essential. Moreover, the winters could be drab with the sun hidden for weeks on end.

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Soar Above The Clouds: Go Paragliding In Himachal!

Well an idyllic village deep in the mountains of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh is one of the world’s most sought after paragliding destination with amateurs, enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike flocking by road only to take wing in the thermals around Bir-Billing.
Bir-Billing although intertwined together forever due to the sport of paragliding, Bir and Billing are two separate villages

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Himachal Artforms

Himachal Pradesh is blessed with pristine natural beauty. All this nature has led to people of Himachal Pradesh being inspired by the environment around them and developing their own form of art and crafts.

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Guide to Himachal Sights

Himachal Pradesh is a land of majestic mountains, sprawling green landscapes, picturesque valleys, and flowing rivers. There are a multitude of attractions and destinations that are all within short distance of Rakkh...

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Tea Time Treats: Snacks and Street Food Of Himachal 

There’s a vast variety of evening snacks that belong to the hills that are either sweet, savory, hearty or sometimes all three (depending on your palette).

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Summit A New Peak: 3 Treks Around Kangra That You Must Try

Being a part of the Himachal region means that every mountain and every peak has an adventure in store for you on your Himachal trip over the weekend. Located conveniently in the vast Kangra district, Rakkh is an ideal resort in Dharamshala.

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Diwali in Himachal

Celebrate the festival of lights in the solitude and peace of the Himalayas, in the company of the Dhauladhars that oversee our active resort in Palampur.

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Namgyal Monastery In Dharamsala

We’d like to showcase a few more monasteries in Dharamsala that are just a short drive away from Rakkh, our resort in Palampur. As with every monastery or general place of worship, each has its own unique story.

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Saluting Himachal’s Conservation Efforts! 

As a small boutique resort in Palampur, we at Rakkh have always been friends of the forests and its denizens. The multitude of wildlife that makes these hills their homes is something that locals are proud of and strive to protect. 

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Spiritual Sojourn: A Few Of The Best Temples In Dharamshala

Some are ancient, some are relatively modern, but each location is conveniently located from Rakkh, one of the best resorts in Dharamshala, and all the chosen places of worship make for a perfect holistic addition to your Dharamshala sightseeing experience. 

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What the Himachali Dhaam Consists Of When you stay at this Resort in Palampur

One of the Himachal’s most signature culinary experiences that’s a speciality at our resort in Palampur is of course the Dhaam!
No celebration in the hills is complete without a traditional dhaam...

Fun in Rakkh Resort Palampur

Why you should not visit Rakkh?

Well, for starters it's the land kept by Gods. So if you have not been a ‘good boy’ then you might anger the gods...

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An essential guide to family bonding 

Family Bonding is the indispensable ingredient for a productive and rewarding life...

Kangra Fort Himachal Pradesh

Kangra, an introduction

Once the seat of power in all of Himachal, Kangra is equally renowned for its rich cultural milieus...

Himachali Dham Experience

Kangri Dham

The legendary Dhaam is a response and challenge to the royal Wazwan feast of Kashmir. Dhaam started as a royal feast for the King’s guests and slowly percolated into the local populace who started contracting the Botis.

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The Lockdown Experience

The horror-show of epidemic turning pandemic was akin to a hurricane in its scale, speed and spread. It shook the economy and forced several businesses to shut down and leaving others struggling to survive.

Kangra Fort Himachal Pradesh

It is Time for Nature at Rakkh, Always

Today as we celebrate the most precious, beautiful and enriching entity in all our lives, even as the dark clouds of a pandemic hovers above us, the unadulterated joy and bliss nature brings to us is palpable amongst all.

Himachali Dham Experience

Let's unlock Dream Vacations - Resorts in Palampur

However we assess it, COVID has exacted a toll on all of us and we can’t wait to get life
back to normalcy. While many pundits and thought leaders debate what that novelty is, we believe that travel is a fundamental need of humans.

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The Gaddi Tribes of Kangra

Hills of Kangra along with the upper regions of Himachal which are predominantly mountainous are home to the Gaddis who practice pastoralism for aeons, going up hills with their livestock of sheep and goats during summers.

Kangra Fort Himachal Pradesh

Dharamshala - The Land of the Dalai Lama

Entangled in a vicious cycle of work and never-ending traffic jams? You might want to break off from your busy schedule and escape to the hills. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than being surrounded by serene mountains and breathing fresh air.

Himachali Dham Experience

Maas, Machili, Mountains - A lip-smacking journey into Himachal

The Himachal region boasts a wide array of delectable foods of every nature; most of which are unique to Himachal. Being the Dev Bhoomi, with a rich culinary tradition, sometimes the vegetarian offering can feel overwhelming to the detriment of meat cravings.

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Staycation at Rakkh Resort in Dharamshala

There could not be a better time to visit Rakkh, an idyllic getaway in the Kangra Valley. Let your ideas of better living be changed, completely. With Rakkh’s staycation package, experience the best hospitality, cuisine and adventure that the Himalayas have to offer you. 

Kangra Fort Himachal Pradesh

The Majestic Forts and Temples of Kangra

The royal town of Kangra is a treasure trove of scenic treats, wealth and history. Historically, the kingdom of Kangra comprised of three capitals. The third capital which is tucked away in the hills, is what we know as present-day Kangra. Nagarkot, Susarmapura, Bhimkot and Katoch are names that are often associated with Kangra. 

Himachali Dham Experience

Ferns, Nettles and Lentils: The Uniqueness Of Himachal Cuisine

In the vast mountain lands of the Himalayas, far from the world of Rajma Chawal and Sambar, food takes on a slightly different avatar here.

Scratch that, “slightly” might be an understatement.

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Plumes of Paradise: Endemic Birds To See In Dharamshala

The Kangra Valley is home to a massive selection of bird life, with a documented 200 odd individual species, including migrants. Rakkh is located quite conveniently outside urbania, being a resort in Palampur region, thus giving you the perfect opportunity to go on the search for these beautiful avifauna.

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Check off things to do on your bucket-list at Rakkh, the Experiential Resort in Dharamshala

Rakkh, an experiential and adventure resort in Dharamshala hidden away in a quaint mountain village is also eponymous of it, Rakh an idyllic village is home to our resort in Palampur area. We encompass the spirit of Himachal within Rakkh, living and breathing the ethos of Kangra.

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Travelling to Rakkh, Himachal Pradesh in times of COVID: A first-hand experience.

This is an excerpt from the heart-to-heart between Swati Makkar, our Resort Manager and our very first guest for the season since COVID Lockdown. 

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Beautiful villages near Dharamshala

“Village is a place where you can find peace, unity, strength, inspiration and most importantly a natural and beautiful life” - Minahil Urfan

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Main attractions of Dharamshala

The amalgamation of history, spirituality, culture, and nature is what makes Dharamshala a must-visit destination. Nestled in the mystic hills of the Kangra Valley, this hill station is unlike any other

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Religious places of Dharamshala 

A lot of people from around the world travel to Dharamshala in search of peace and mindfulness. “What you seek is seeking you”, this quote couldn’t get any closer to the truth.

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Winter is the best to visit Dharamshala!

The ‘Winter Capital of Himachal Pradesh’ is a title given to Dharamshala. The reason for this is because Dharamshala is at its most beautiful self in winters. During this season, the city comes truly alive.

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Snowfall in Dharamshala- Focus on the snow Trek at Rakkh 

Dharamshala is blessed with abundant snowfall in the winter months. The snow, like a blanket, covers everything right from the mountain peaks to the valley. 

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