9th June 2021


Explore Himachal: Barog Hill Station

Barog hill station of UNESCO Heritage Site

Just imagine, you have decided to tour Himachal Pradesh, booked your transport and booked your room at a resort in Himachal, have also picked a few activities you would like to do and places you would like to explore. But you would not want to only visit the obvious places that tourists always go to, would you?

Well, let us help you explore the real Himachal Pradesh, here focusing on a quaint village around 60 kilometres from Chandigarh that is not just known for its views like every other town in the region but a lot more. Let us introduce you to this serene little place called Barog, which will not only provide mesmerising views of nature but also solitude for your mind. Barog is a stopover turned tourist destination that lies in Solan district and on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kalka-Shimla Railway. It is a village located at an altitude of 5,023 feet and surrounded by pine and oak forests. Barog was a settlement established in the early 20th century when Kalka-Shimla narrow gauge was being built. A lunch stop in the colonial era for the travellers of the Kalka-Shimla rail route. One of the best parts about Barog is that it is only about 300 kilometres away from the national capital Delhi, so if you are ever visiting or live in the city, a short getaway once in a while, would not be considered too odd. Also, several resorts in Himachal maintain proximity to this region because of the infamous rail route and tunnel.

A few places you can explore in Barog are:

Railway Station of Barog:

This small Scottish-style railway station lies on the UNESCO World Heritage Kalka-Shimla Railway which originally began working in 1903. And it is the destination instead of the start of your journey. Red-tiled buildings with blue and white walls and windows give this railway station an aesthetic straight out of a children’s fantasy book. The best way to explore is to hop on the toy train and cross the Barog tunnel which is considered the straightest tunnel in the world. Have a cup of tea and chat about the ghost stories associated with the tunnel, listen to the life experiences of the locals or learn about the history of the region.

Dolanji Bon Monastery:

Dolanji Bon Monastery in Barog Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh

Image credit: Itchy Feet Magazine

Get a ride and head over to see the grand Dolanji Bon Monastery also known as Yungdrung Bon Monastery in the morning. About an hour’s journey from Barog, this is one of the very few Bon monasteries in India and is the second oldest Bon monastery in the world. Founded in 1969 by Abbot Lungog Tenpai Nyima, it is an amazing place to experience Tibetan culture. A few hours in its atmosphere and picturesque views can bring peace to a mind for days.


Dagshai Heritage Museum in Barog Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh

Image credit: Wikipedia

At a distance of 10 kilometres from Barog lies Dagshai, the oldest cantonment founded by the East India Company in 1847. But that is not all that is to this pine-covered town’s history. The name comes from a Mughal term “Daag-e-shahi” which can be translated to ‘A royal stain’; the reason for such a defamatory name was that during the Mughal era, criminals would be sent here to receive capital punishment. A few eerie spots to explore in this town are the cemetery, an old church, and British era jail and museum, all of which leave a desire to dive further into the stories of this town.

Choor Chandni Peak:

Choordhar Peak in Barog Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh

Image credits: Churdhar

Surrounded by pine forests, the Choor Chandni Peak stands at an altitude of 3560 metres above sea level. Being one of the most famous destinations for tourists in Barog, this mountain peak is known for seeming as if several silver bangles are surrounding the mountain on a moonlit night. You can trek the Choordhar mountains and experience the iridescent beauty of this spot. When you book your resort in Himachal, make sure to ask them about camping and trekking opportunities in these mountains. This destination attracts adventurers and photographers alike.

Spencer Restaurant:

Spencer Restaurant in Barog Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh

Image credits: NativePlanet

Though you will find many small eateries and shops in the Tibetan markets in this small town of Barog, make sure to visit the infamous Spencer restaurant. Enjoy a variety of flavoursome snacks and meals along with your family or friends while also taking in the views of Barog from this high-altitude restaurant which dates back to the British Raj era.

So, the next time you visit Himachal, keep in mind the quaint little town of Barog and its wonderful history while creating your itinerary.

Header Image Credit: Times Travel

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