5th May 2021


Things to Do That Resorts in Himachal Pradesh Provide: Tea Gardens

The state of Himachal Pradesh situated in the Western Himalayas is home to beautiful snowy mountains, rivers, and sublime tea estates. One has to visit tea plantations to experience the true serene nature of Himachal Pradesh. Several resorts in Himachal Pradesh are based in these tea gardens and a few days strolling through these green fields can refresh any person.

Sipping freshly brewed tea while reading a book in this natural region is a page out of heaven. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its black and green tea and the concept of tea gardens was introduced by the British in 1852, almost a decade after the cultivation of tea in Darjeeling. Many tourists do not visit tea gardens here because they’re smaller compared to Assam or Munnar due to the earthquake of 1905 which took away Kangra’s glory as one of the finest tea cultivation regions of India, but one thing you must know is that they have a magic of their own; they are raw, quiet, and a treat to the eyes. Here you will not only find tea bushes but also several different types of flowering and fruiting flora. Kangra, a place surrounded by Punjab, Spiti, Ladakh, and Jammu Kashmir has been subject to a lot of history and diversity. This rich and marvellous place hosts beautiful and heritage tea estates with a backdrop of the Dhauladhar ranges. Historically, Kangra tea plantations have a history of being one of the leading tea producers of British India. The story of tea in Himachal Pradesh is filled with migrations and harsh climate. But the tea itself gives a special taste and aroma, maybe because tea in Kangra is still grown from old China bushes whereas most other teas in India grows from 'Assam jat' bushes. The Kangra tea valley is one of the smallest tea growing regions in the whole country but the old-fashioned way of making tea is practised well in which gives the tea a distinct subtlety and lightness. Four cooperative tea processing factories were established in the region around 1964 to 1983, in Palampur, Bir, Baijnath and Sidhbari. Now there are more than 6000 tea gardens in Kangra and though most produce black tea, some have extended their production to hand-rolled oolong and also silver needle white tea. The recognition for Kangra tea is on its way to being premium organic tea.

Tea picking in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

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Here we have a few different tea estates or gardens that you can explore throughout the state of Himachal Pradesh:

Palampur is a hill station based in the Kangra Valley. Also known as the tea capital of northwest India, it is surrounded by lush tea plantations and pine forests. The climate here is very mild with an abundance of water. Tea plantations here are some of the oldest and one can enjoy a nice drive through the scenic views of these fields and enjoy a warm cup in the cafes and tea shops present throughout the region. And if you want to learn more about these teas being grown, you can head on to the HP co-operative tea factory and learn about the tea estates, history of tea, and purchase the many types of tea grown and processed there.

Dharamshala, a picturesque hill station located in the upper region of the Kangra Valley is known for being His Holiness Dalai Lama’s residence and the beautiful tea plantations. It is also the second capital of Himachal Pradesh and a visit to this town is best in the early summers. Dharamshala is located at an altitude of 4780 feet and a nice view of the Dhauladhar Mountains can be seen. Though it is one of the smallest tea plantations in the country, it still produces high-quality tea. One can walk through the fields, talk about the tea growing process to the workers, and of course, enjoy cups of tea. Darang tea estate in this region is quite popular amongst the tourists. Here you can stay in tiny cottages looking over the estate and also fish by the riverside. Historical tours of the Kangra valley are also held.
So, the next time you visit the heavenly land of Himachal Pradesh, make sure to stroll through these green tea plantations and take a slice of the life here, back home.

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Tea pickers in Himachal Pradesh

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