at Rakkh Resort Himachal Pradesh

Detox at a Spa Resort in India 

Clean air, pure and fresh food, calm atmosphere, serene beauty, simple joys - these are missing form the lies of most of us today, sorely. At Rakkh, our mission is to help rediscover and indulge in these, even if briefly. Come Detox yourself in the lap of nature at Rakkh Resort in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

Yoga at Rakkh Resort Himchal Pradesh


This ancient science distilled into physical wisdom helps in unifying the body, breathe, mind and spirit into one harmonious perfection. Yoga at Rakkh is a special experience, be it for beginners or adept Yogis. 

Organic Garden at Rakkh Resort Himachal Pradesh

Organic Kitchen Garden

Rakkh stands on acres of lands, cared and cultivated into organic kitchen gardens that supply much of our fresh vegetables and greens needed for the guests. You could take a walk along with the chef and help him pluck too.

Foot SPA at Rakkh Resort Himachal Pradesh

Acupressure guidance

Our therapists are experts are helping release stress and tension in the body. Even a walk in the gardens barefoot, weather permitting is perfect acupressure session.

Juice Station at Rakkh Resort Himachal Pradesh

Fresh Juices

Fruits plucked fresh from the orchards around, organically and lovingly grown makes for sweet nectar, rejuvenating and detoxing you. All day long.

Natural Ingredients at Rakkh Resort

Local Kitchen ingredients

Blessed with fertile lands, much of the food needed is grown in and around Rakkh, reducing carbon footprint and adding to the taste of every dish prepared in the kitchens of Rakkh.

Baanka SPA at Rakkh Resort Himachal Pradesh


Expert therapists trained in the art of rejuvenating the body through various techniques from Ayurveda to Thai and Swiss massages at our in-house Baanka Spa. We have the special Gumma Salt for a self foot spa in every room, complimentary.

Ghamrota Village Post Office Ballah, Tehsil Palampur, Near Dharamshala, District Kangra, Jiun, Himachal Pradesh 176061