10 April 2020

The Gaddi Tribes

Hills of Kangra along with the upper regions of Himachal which are predominantly mountainous are home to the Gaddis who practice pastoralism for aeons, going up hills with their livestock of sheep and goats during summers and back down to the valleys in the winters, in search of good pastures. There are several routes in these ancient hills that the Gaddis have been walking on for generations. One such pastoral path crosses through Rakkh and twice a year, it is a scene to behold the Gaddis along with their goats scurrying up and down the mountains. Those that are not nomadic have settled in villages nearby indulging in agriculture and other handicrafts, with unique Gaddi silverware jewelry which is very unique and rustic with its own set of designs unlike any other jewelry design in the region and shawls being crafted and sold in the bazaars and flea markets.

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