22 Feb 2021


Summer In Himachal | Rakkh Resort 

Written by Pooja, an avid traveler and hopeless romantic when it comes to the hills! 

When we think of the word ‘Romance’, we always think of chocolates, balloons, champagne, diamonds, gifts from a designer brand and the list goes on and yes, extremely predictable and cliched! Why not look at it a little differently? To me romance can never be cliched and to be honest, I do not enjoy the popular romantic comedy movies that are all the rage on valentines day or wedding anniversaries. To me romance is bonding with your better half, creating a memory, experiencing fun and difficult times together, creating an enduring friendship that lasts a lifetime. And how do you suppose we achieve that? The answer is in one word, that is overwhelming, yet alluring to try: adventure.

Palampur, a hill station tucked away in the rolling valleys of Himachal Pradesh with the backdrop of the snow capped Dhauladhars is the perfect destination for an adventurous romantic holiday. And, might I recommend Rakkh Resort, an adventure resort in Palampur with a myriad of experiences to get an adventurous duo excited enough to start packing their bags in their heads already! Read on to know more.

bonfire at our resort in dharamshala

Let’s begin with a long walk in the hills with your partner. To make it a date, get a lovely hand woven picnic basket, pack it with your favorite bottle of wine and some snacks (I would recommend freshly baked Bread with Bhuira Jams), pick a secluded outdoor getaway and create a memory. Did I mention before, Rakkh has signature walking itineraries customized for every couple, based on their interests? They will also have a picnic basket ready for you, before you set out on foot for the day.

Perhaps a medium to difficult trek is just enough adventure to get your adrenaline roaring and your hearts thumping. The best part of a tough trek is that it can only be completed with teamwork. You have to help each other in narrow pathways, while crossing streams and gorges, pause for a breath, hold each other's hand for support. Well, all these are the perfect ingredients to a lasting romance! Try it out, if you do not believe me. An added advantage is that it also keeps you fit, while you indulge in this activity together. Again Rakkh Resort in Palampur, has varied treks planned out for you, and they will also send you a guide to help you through the difficult trails and finally navigate you to secret hideaway spots in Himachal Pradesh, accessed only by foot. You will also learn about the flora and fauna of the land, while you are on the trails.

tea garden near our resort in dharamshala

On the days you do not wish to embark on a long journey by foot, there are always softer adventures you may indulge in. Slacklining for instance is fun and amusing to find your balance, Archery is good to find your focus and wall climbing to test your will power. Challenge each other and you will be surprised when you realize this is so much better than flowers and chocolates.

Do you wish to add a bit of cliche to your romantic holiday? Well, I shan't stop you! Go ahead and enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner at a secluded spot under a tree with soft breezes and a lavish local spread from Himachal. Talk about your days in the hills and start planning your return here at the earliest to explore more of the walking trails I told you about earlier.

One last stop on your Adventurous Romantic holiday is a night trek. Yes! You heard me right. It is a trek of about 4 km in the hills at nights that ends in a beautiful stream! At the streamside you can relax with your feet dangling in the chill stream water to cool off as you sip hot tea or hot chocolate and munch on inhouse cookies. With a billion stars lighting the arena, summertime stories take on a new dimension!

Rakkh Resort is an adventure and experiential resort in Palampur located away from the crowded city of Dharamshala. Here life is slow and peaceful and the added adventure is a welcome experience! Besides adventure, Rakkh also has several experiences such as pottery and Himachali weaving, DIY maggie and juice counters that all add to your memory bank for you to take home and cherish.

rain at our resort in dharamshala

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