28 December 2020


Inhouse Activities At Rakkh Resort Himachal Pradesh

Rakkh resort in Dharamshala is the perfect place to be if you’re looking for an experiential getaway from the hustle and bustle of the cities. For those seeking adventure, all one has to do is step out, and the towering foothills dotted with pine forests are your playground.

Keeping the spirit of activity in mind, our resort in Dharamshala is also host to a number of activities within the resort. Some are meant to engage your muscles while some are meant to engage the mind. And yet others do both! Here’s a guide to some of the inhouse activities at Rakkh.

Mahseer in Pong Dam

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Life is all about balance. So is slacklining! This precariously fun activity makes use of a thick line suspended between two anchor points. Your objective sounds simple: Walk across the line. It’s anything but simple, however! Slacklining involves immense physical and mental coordination. How long can you stay on the line without falling? What’s the fastest you can get across the line? The only way to find out is by taking part in slacklining when you are at our resort in Dharamshala!  

Angling in Himachal Pradesh

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One of man’s oldest inventions, archery was once a significant aspect of any pahadi being. The bow and arrow were the weapon of choice for many a hunter, and those defending their villages and towns in the hills. Today, the people of Himachal celebrate archery as part of a dance called Thoda during the festival of Anokhi Dali. This also commemorates Indian mythology as it is said that the pandavas of Mahabharat fame were said to have resided in Himachal, in the valleys of Kullu and Manali.   
Rakkh has its own archery range within our resort. Feel you have what it takes to string the bow and get a clear shot? Come by the range and try out some archery next time on your visit to our resort in Dharamshala! 

Archery at Rakkh Resort Himachal Pradesh

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Rock climbing:

Rakkh resort also contains an eight metre wall that has been designed for the rock climbing enthusiasts of Rakkh. With safety gear in place, we have designed the course to be exciting and physically challenging so that you can get the best out of rock climbing. Come find out if you have what it takes to do a speed climb of the rock wall at our resort in Dharamshala!  

Wall Climbing at Rakkh Resort Himachal Pradesh


One for those who do want a slower paced activity but one that still keeps you on your toes. Rakkh Resort itself is home to a vast number of birds, and with migratory season coming upon us that number will only grow in size! We’ve written about some of the common birds you can try to sight around our resort in Dharamshala, along with a guide on how you can get started in birdwatching. Come spend a weekend at Rakkh this winter and dip your toes into the world of avifauna!  

Black Bulbul


An adventure activity that may not be as fast paced as the other activities but nonetheless one of our most popular activities that engages the mind! The pottery station at our resort in Palampur draws inspiration from the Andretta Pottery school in Dharamshala. However it is very much a traditional pottery setup with a wheel and clay. Get your hands dirty as you come to terms with the intricacies of setting the right speed, getting the right mixture of clay and water and shaping new memories at the helm of the wheel. Of course, you’ll have our in house experts to assist you at every turn.  

Pottery station at Rakkh Resort Himachal Pradesh


Fancy trying your hand at weaving a traditional Kangra shawl? Safedu aunty, master weaver at our resort in Palampur, will guide you on the path to becoming a good hand weaver! We have an inhouse hand weaving station where you are encouraged to try your hand at spinning a yarn. All around our resort in Palampur, you will see hand-woven products worn by locals. Be it caps, sweaters or more traditional clothing like shawls and headgear to be worn during festivities. The secret to making these? That is something only our weavers know, but they just might let you in on it.  

Weaving Stations at Rakkh Resort Himachal

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