08 September 2020

Check off things to do on your bucket-list at Rakkh, the Experiential Resort in Dharamshala

Rakkh, an experiential and adventure resort in Dharamshala hidden away in a quaint mountain village is also eponymous of it, Rakh an idyllic village is home to our resort in Palampur area. We encompass the spirit of Himachal within Rakkh, living and breathing the ethos of Kangra.

So what can you do once you’re here? A more appropriate question would be “What do you want to do here?” At Rakkh Resort in Palampur, the choices are endless. It can be daunting to arrive here and spend time deciding what you want to do first, so we’ve written a small guide to Rakkh and everything you can do here. With some inspiration from one of our favourite travel films, we’ve broken this guide down into segments: Eat, Pray, Love, Play!

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Feast in every sense of the word. Forget the mundane days of bland cereal and fast food takeout. Rakkh offers you some of the most exquisite yet local (and hitherto unknown) Himachali cuisines that exist, made with love, care and dollops of ghee at our inhouse Himachali rasoi, coupled with produce from our organic garden, and the local produce from the communities around us.

But what constitutes Himachali cuisine?

We use only the freshest of produce during the season and the heartiest of pulses and grains year-round. And even then, the people of the Kangra Valley turn to their forests for sustenance and flavour. Wild ferns such as the Fiddlehead fern, known as lungdu, are one of the top picks here. A dal made out of stinging nettles collected from the wild, known as Bicchu Buti Ka Saag. Delicious pickles made out of berries, vegetables and roots found nowhere else.

Then there are the bread and lentil dishes. As you sit alongside our resident chef in the Rasoi, you’ll be lending a hand in making Bhaturus, a flatbread made with fermented wheat, giving the bread sweetness and texture that needs to be tasted hot and fresh. Over a cup of steaming Himachali chai, indulge in some gulgule, fried dough balls that are sticky and sweet. And experience the grandest of all Himachali and Kangri culinary traditions, a Dhaam: A slow-cooked feast that entirely involves dal cooked in traditional manners, excluding the need for vegetables and other ingredients.

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Rakkh is one of the few resorts in Dharamshala that is located at a convenient distance from most popular pilgrimage destinations. So a day trip is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the spirituality that permeates the Kangra valley.
A trip to Dharamshala is incomplete without going to Namgyal! Undoubtedly the most iconic monastery in India, perhaps, and certainly so in the Dharamshala region. The Namgyal Monastery is the home of the 14th Dalai Lama, and also contains a college for Buddhism and tantric arts.  

Also within close distance is the Kangra Devi Mandir, a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Vajreshwari, a form of Durga. The Gadh temple trek takes you along an old fortress and leads you to one of the most famous temples in the district.  

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Our community here at Rakkh is what made us. We’re one of the few resorts in Dharamshala and the Kangra Valley that actively engage with the people of the valley in as many ways as possible; safe to say, they have complete ownership of our resort, and their expertise in hospitality, coupled with their unfailing mountain spirit and kindness, are things you must experience firsthand.
Our interactions with the locals extend far beyond the resort; we regularly engage with villagers to act as chaperones and teachers for our patrons in various activities, so that you get a taste of local life right from the source. Visit one of several villages nearby Rakkh. Learn how to make a wicker basket, a simple tool that’s instrumental for the lives of the tea gatherers in the area, or try your hand at weaving at our inhouse weaving station.  

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Of course, Rakkh would not be Rakkh without its surroundings. Vast tracts of pine, deodar and redwood forests entice you with their forest scent, faintly reminiscent of Christmas time. Palampur is blessed with a network of rivers (the name Palampur means “lots of water”!) that further fragment into creeks and streams, brimming with marine life. And then, as your gaze moves upward, you see the Dhauladhars, those towering peaks, some of them snow-capped, reaching altitudes of nearly 6500ft.

Rakkh organises various treks across all these landscapes; from simple walks that last an hour or so, to overnight treks that have an elevation gain of several hundred meters, amidst the snow. One of our more adventurous trails, from the resort to a village known as Bhagotla, involves a little bit of everything: Walking, bicycling and even some swimming! There are also heritage trails, with some buildings as old as Kangra herself. The Gadh temple trek takes you along an ancient fortress and leads you to one of the most famous temples in the district.  
Traverse the trails on our mountain bikes, or take the relaxed route and walk around with your hands in your pocket and a tune on your lips.  

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