"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better."
- Albert Einstein 

2 Hr 30 min

4 km


400 k. cal

Gadh Temple Hike

Gadh temple is one of the most popular temples in the region around Rakh and is dedicated to the ‘Bhaybhanjani’ deity, one of the incarnations of Kali Mata and is surrounded by views of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. ‘Gadh’ means small fortress or citadel and is named after the small fortress/ citadel dating back to the old kingdom of Kangra, which is located at the top of the hill. It was believed that the fortress derived its strength from the temple and could not be conquered if they deity was given her daily offering.  

The hike starts from a small village called Gujrehra beneath the temple hill. There is a small temple of Lord Hanuman in the village. The trail is on rough track and gradually becomes wider as the hike continues. Enjoy the simple and serene mountain village life, view local people grazing their livestock in the beautiful grassland, children playing and ladies cutting the fodder for the livestock. 
The forest we walk through has many birds, including peacocks (which are very shy and only their calls can be heard), and is not so dense. The trail gradually ascends up to the hill and we have two resting points in between with great views. The trail eventually reaches the fort, after which we visit the Gadh Temple, which has idols of several Hindu gods and goddesses. 
After spending some time at the fort, we continue on the hike, which is a circular route, taking us through totally unspoilt landscape until we meet the vehicle and return to resort. 

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Ghamrota Village Post Office Ballah, Tehsil Palampur, Near Dharamshala, District Kangra, Jiun, Himachal Pradesh 176061