8 Feb 2021


Summits In Himachal | Rakkh Resort 

Summer is slowly approaching us and while this means that trekking in the South becomes a hassle owing to the days getting toastier, it becomes the perfect excuse to go trekking around our resort in Himachal Pradesh. Of course, some of the treks are more popular as winter treks in Himachal but the lack of snow does not take away their beauty and exhilaration when you finally summit them. Here’s a list of treks in Himachal to some of the finest summits that you must plan during your Himachal vacation in 2021! 

fort near our resort in dharamshala

Before we begin listing down individual summits, it is essential that you know the location of some of these peaks. They are part of the Dhauladhars, an expansive range of mountains forming an integral part of the Lesser Himalayan landscape. The peaks of the Dhauladhars have varying altitudes: Some are as low as 1300ft, others tower over our resort in Himachal Pradesh at an astonishing 16,000-20,000ft. Dhauladhars are relatively young mountains (indeed, so is Everest) having compositions of slate and granite. Every waking moment at our resort in Himachal Pradesh passes by under the watchful eyes of these peaks, like so many gods. No wonder then, that we call our resort and indeed the entire land the abode of the gods! 

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The easiest summit in this list, Triund Top is located at the foothills of the Dhauladhars and makes for a compelling trek in Himachal. You start the trek at Mcleodganj, the quaint and charming town located about an hour away from our resort in Himachal Pradesh. If you intend to stay the night and watch the sunrise at Triund before checking in to our resort the next morning, you can stock up on essential supplies at Mcleodganj itself. You will also have to carry tents that you can rent from Mcleodganj should you find yourself without one.

The trek begins early in the afternoon with you reaching the Gallu Devi temple at Dharamkot and registering with the state forest department. The trek is more of a walk at this point with a simple straightforward path taking you through acres of pine forest and the odd tourist. There is also a charming cafe at the half-point for a pick-me-up before you go on with your trek. Eventually the trail becomes a little steeper so do be careful although it is definitely easier than most summits in Himachal. It takes around 4 hours to reach the summit where there is sufficient space for camping and the Triund mandir, a small temple dedicated to Shiva. Set up your tent, share engrossing stories with your fellow campers as the stars put on a show to dazzle and fall asleep to the winds caressing your tent. You get to witness a picture perfect sunrise in the morning as you wake up and the sun kisses the Dhauladhars!

snow at our resort in dharamshala

Hanuman Tibba

The largest peak of the Dhauladhars, Hanuman Tibba stands at 19,600 ft above sea level. It is an extremely steep summit and even going to the top is a hit-or-miss for several seasoned climbers. This is not to be attempted by beginners; even experienced trekkers sometimes go through altitude sickness or cannot handle the strenuous nature of the climb. Having said all that, the trek itself is undeniably one of beauty and grandeur. For those that seek technical climbing, don’t miss Hanuman Tibba.
The trek begins from Solang Valley, around 6 hours away from our resort in Himachal Pradesh. Your route will take you through the same route as that of the Beas Kund trek, another popular beginner trek to the source of the Beas river. From here, the trek becomes much more technical and difficult as you start a vertical summit. There are several passes to cross and one has to deal with soft snow come winter (Hanuman Tibba is one of the more popular winter treks in Himachal).

Do note that you will definitely need good planning and will also require the assistance of a High Altitude Porter. And there are no hotels at 19,000 ft in the sky, so you will be camping out in the cold for the most part!

snow at our resort in dharamshala

Bara Bhangal

Bara Bhangal is a pass through the hills more than a summit, but it leads you to the village of the same name located at 16,000 ft. Bara Bhangal is the longest trek of the three listed here, taking an average of 12-14 days from start to return. The trek starts at Kangra and takes you through several passes that require the assistance of horses and porters along with several stretches that need to be done on foot. Once you reach the village, you get to spend time with the pastoral community there and take in a 360 degree view of the Dhauladhars around you for several days!

Bara Bhangal is not as treacherous as Hanuman Tibba in terms of altitude or difficulty but it is still far from an easy trek, therefore we recommend that you do have a good level of fitness and experience in doing winter treks in Himachal.

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