Winters in Dharamshala

16 Sept 2020

Winter is the best time to visit Dharamshala

“The ‘Winter Capital of Himachal Pradesh’ is a title given to Dharamshala. The reason for this is because Dharamshala is at its most beautiful self in winters. During this season, the city comes truly alive. With snowscapes all around. Cloudy skies and temperatures dropping. For winter lovers and snow enthusiasts, this is nothing short of winter heaven right here on earth.

There is a magical element attached to snow. That instantly brings a smile on the face of a child or an adult. In short, snow makes everyone happy. For adventure seekers, who are looking for activities in the snow, besides having snowball fights, can opt for snow hikes, snow walks, and snow treks.

The most loved experiential activity is snow-trek. Snow-treks or winter treks, are an adventure itself. If planned and executed in a systematic manner, they can be exhilarating and fun. For a well-planned snow trek, it is crucial to hire a guide. An unplanned trek can lead to dangerous and unpredictable results. That is why for any snow-trek it is recommended that trekkers, whether first-timers or experienced ones, hire a guide for the trek. The whole experience becomes convenient, stress-free, and smoother.

Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are two states in India that are well-known for the best snow treks in the winters.
When we speak about Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is by far one of the best places to visit during the winters and to plan a snow trek. The hill station receives fresh snowfall, making it apt for people to plan their hiking, camping, and trekking activities.

Maggi experiences for family at Rakkh Resort Palampur

The first and most crucial step at emerging victorious in a snow trek, without getting frostbite and hypothermia, is to pack the right clothing and footwear for the trek. While packing all the essential items and attire needed for the trek, it is important to reach out to your resort and guide for more information. The right attire can turn your entire trip into a breeze.

Planning a trip in the winters and looking for the best resort to stay in? Well, the search ends here with Rakkh Resort in Palampur. This resort is the best retreat in the winter. The resort in Palampur is placed at a strategic location, making it easier for guests to plan all their activities without worrying about traveling long distances. Since the team at the resort comprises of local guides, planning excursions and experiential trips get simpler. Guests visiting Dharamshala during the winter can breathe a sigh of relief, as they can plan the perfect snow-trek with the help of these local guides. The team at the resort can suggest several options and take you through many trekking, camping, and hiking activities. The most recommended snow-trek, by the team at the resort, is the Gadhi Point Trek.

The Gadhi Point Trek is no ordinary trek. It is a trek designed to change your life. It is planned in such a way that not only will you get to enamor the snowscape, but end up burning 3,800 calories at the end of it. Sounds like one has hit a jackpot with this.

The snow trek is a moderate to hard trek, which requires 8-10 hours of a trekker's time. The people doing the trek will experience walking around the Ghamrota Village, taking in the beauty of the village life surrounded by pine trees all on the way to hit the first milestone of the Dibnu Mata Temple on the way. The trekkers can rest here for a while, catch their breath and make their way up to the snowy peak of Gadhi.

After 8 hours of the trek, 3,800 calories burnt, trekkers can enjoy the scintillating view of the snow-capped mountains of the Gadhi peak. More than the calories burnt, the view from the peak is what makes the whole effort worth experiencing!

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