7 December 2020


Snowfall Stories in a Resort in Himachal!

If you love snowfall, then there is no better place in India to visit than Himachal Pradesh, the land of snow! And if you're lucky, you will experience snowfall during your stay here at Rakkh Resort in Himachal Pradesh. In Himachal Pradesh, there are more than plenty of towns to experience the magnificent beauty of the Himalayan winters. When the winters arrive, Himachal Pradesh turns into paradise with snowfall at the backdrop in most of the towns. So at the right time, pack your bags and warm clothes and head to Himachal Pradesh to experience the best of the winter season in India. Some of the most favourite locations for tourists to visit in winters in Himachal Pradesh have been listed here to help you plan the perfect winter getaway.

snow near our resort in Himachal

Manali - Manali is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit Himachal Pradesh during the winters as here, one gets to experience the snowfall vividly, trek, raft and also see film shoots which happen really often over here. You will also see the majestic beauty of the Himalayan peaks, apple orchards and pristine valleys that make this place a picture perfect destination to visit. And as the winter approaches, the snow capped mountains are a treat to the eyes.

Kufri - If you have been intending to enjoy a winter getaway or craving for one, especially to witness the brilliant phenomena of snowfall in India, Kufri should definitely feature on your travel wishlist. This magnificent town is settled in the midst of the vast and glorious Himalayan Ranges and gets abundant now during the winter season. During your mornings here, you will wake up to a stunning view of hills covered and blanketed in snow that you will cherish forever. Also, the town of Kufri hosts the annual winter sports festival, and if you plan your holiday accordingly, you too can be a part of this festival.

Khajjiar - This beautiful place is also known as India’s Switzerland in popular culture. Khajjiar is known for its scenic landscape and snowfall. During the winter season, when the meadows get covered in the warm blanket of white snow, the breathtaking view is nothing short of paradise for snow lovers. This town is also famous for other well known tourist spots such as the Manu Temple, Dain Kund, and Sankat Mochan Temple among others.

Snow near our resort in Himachal

Shimla - Although Shimla had been referred to as the erstwhile summer capital of British India for a very long time, Shimla makes it to this list because of all the good reasons. If you plan your trip to Shimla during the month of December when the snow clad mountain peaks and landscapes will give you eternal bliss. Shimla is an ideal spot for all travellers, such as families, adventure lovers, nature lovers and many more.

Kullu - Although Manali is the first choice for many travellers to travel to in India, its neighbour Kullu turns into a snow paradise during the winters. This scenic location in Himachal pradesh is a place on which you can count on to experience snowfall without any doubt. It is important to note that during the winters the weather gets extremely cold so it is important to pack your woolens before travelling.

Prashar Lake - Prashar Lake near Mandi, is another beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh where you can find snowfall during the winter season, in the months of December to March. The lake is located at two thousand seven hundred and thirty meters from sea level, and with its pristine deep blue waters, it charms the mind and soul.

Pabbar Valley - Pabbar valley is located at about one hundred and twenty kilometers from Shimla, which is lush with snow, especially towards the region near the Chanshal pass. Pabbar Valley is a highly enchanting place and is quite from the hustling tourists and remarkably isolated. Pabbar Valley offers remarkable views along with nature walks and hikes in the dense orchards and forests along the pristine valley.

Triund  - Triund is located at a four hour hike from Dharamkot - Mcleodganj. And Dharamshala, and is another place where you can find snow during the winter season months in Himachal Pradesh. However it is not possible to reach the top of Triund during the winter months unless you are in for a real adventure and trekking. However you can find plenty of snow along the way from Mcleodganj to Triund.

Dharamsala - The town of Dharamsala gets decent snowfall during the months from December to February. A really amazing resort near Dharamsala is the Rakkh Resort which is perched on a hilltop just outside the pretty village of Ghamrota, surrounded by terraced hillsides and the breathtaking Dhauladhar Ranges. Rakkh Resort In Palampur has seventeen pretty and uber comfortable cottages. They also have a modern spa, world class restaurant and a dedicated Activity Centre which offers hiking, biking, climbing & plenty of activities for kids.

The Snow Trek at Rakkh Resort in Dharamsala -

The little town of Kangra is surrounded by the snowy Dhauladhar ranges, whose altitude varies from four hundred and twenty seven meters to six thousand four hundred meters and are therefore suitable for the most challenging of treks and exhilarating hikes. For all the snow lovers out there who live for adventure in their lives, Rakkh Resort In Palampur has treks curated for them to enjoy the soft snow during the winters. The Gadhi point trek is a favourite among the adventure tourists who love to trek in the snow.

The tourists walk through the village of Ghamrota and enter a pine forest and continue among the trail of pine trees until they reach the first milestone of Dibnu Mata Temple along the way. The tourists rest at this point for a while and rejuvenate before heading back to the trail again and reach the snowy peak of Gadhi, which is a wondrous sight to behold, making the entire experience worth the effort. The trek is eighteen kilometers long and the trek is a moderate to hard eight to ten hour long trek, made for adventure and nature lovers.

Snow Capped Mountains in Himachal Pradesh

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