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Kangra Fort Himachal Pradesh

the kaleidoscope

Once the seat of power in all of Himachal, Kangra is equally renowned for its rich cultural milieus – be it the miniature painting tradition, pottery scene, or its handicrafts. Kangra entered its greatest phase in terms of poetry, art and music under the reign of Sansar Chand in the late 18th century. The heritage of those eras remains etched in the handiwork of the artists of Kangra even today.

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the cuisine

Perhaps no Indian cuisine is as understated as Pahari good. It can be quite challenging to find a restaurant serving Pahari delicacies outside Himachal Pradesh; which is both a pity and an opportunity. The former since you are missing out on homely meals of intense flavours.


Himachali Dham

Kangra Weaving

These exquisite textiles are woven in tapestry weave over a twill ground in natural shades of wool

Kangra Miniature Paintings

miniature art

Kangra is well known for a distinctive brand of miniature painting, some of which may be viewed at the museum near Kangra fort. Miniature paintings flourished in Guler, Basholi (even had its own namesake school of painting), Chamba, Nurpur and Bilaspur among others.

The abiding theme of Kangra painting is the verdant greenery on display, and the rich textures afforded to landscapes, typically involving mountains and pastures. Details of dress, delicate lines, soft pastel colours embellished with gold, and the use of varied hues of greens evoke depth and texture. 

Village Ghamrota, Post Office Ballah, Tehsil Palampur, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, 176059