02 May 2020

Dream Vacations and Stiff joints - let's unlock 'em
both in this Experiential Resort in Palampur

However we assess it, COVID has exacted a toll on all of us and we can’t wait to get life back to normalcy. While many pundits and thought leaders debate what that novelty is, we believe that travel is a fundamental need of humans. We are explorers by nature and thrive on new experiences more than anything else. This period of lockdown has strengthened this conviction in most of us. We have to travel, we need to travel.

That said, all things we took for granted previously come under the scanner now, some by the state and others by sentience. Travel will undergo a change too, a metamorphosis if you may, from the fast and furious to the slow and balanced; from the consumed to the experienced; from the mindless to the sustained. A world that ground to a halt overnight gave us space and time to introspect on the choices we made and the ones we should in the future.

Village Life in Himachal Pradesh

We at Rakkh, the complete resort in Palampur, have since inception, long before ecological and sustainable forced their way into the common parlance, lived by these principles. Situated on the sloped of Kangra hills in an idyllic setting with small hamlets and villages around, Rakkh is a fairytale come alive. Nestled in the lap of pristine nature, away from the hubbub of cities and tourist spots, Rakkh Resort in Palampur is a nature retreat amidst verdant slopes and organic gardens, orchards and farms, bequeaths the luxury of space on you to feel free and expand your consciousness after the constraining conditions we exist in today.

Countless trails up and down the mountains take you along scenic villages and virgin woods, some to peaks with sweeping vistas, some to streams with sweet waters, some to temples and shrines in the Devbhoomi. Any route you choose to take with our expert guides, you are certain to be feted by birds and blooms anywhere you turn. Treks, walks and hikes of varying difficulties help you feel alive and free. Winding, empty roads leading down to the valley below is ideal for mountain biking enthusiasts. So get ready to kick up some dust and feel the wind in your manes.

Asia’s highest paragliding site, Bir Billing is a short distance from Rakkh, the adventure resort in Palampur. Our adventure experts liaise with the instructors to get you the best experience of paragliding, soaring like an eagle high above the valley with panoramic views of the Dauladhars, merging into the greater Himalayas.

Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh

Palampur in Kangra is a treasure trove of art, culture and heritage with many archaeological sites such as Masroor rock-cut temples, Kangra Fort among others that apart from their historical and aesthetic significance also provide a healthy exertion to the body, walking, climbing and scaling the sites. Strolls in the tea gardens culminating in a refreshing tea tasting event are a favourite among all age groups.
In conclusion, what sets Rakkh apart from other nearby resorts in Dharamshala and elsewhere are the tenets by which we operate. Travel and tourism employ one in ten people world over. The numbers get further skewed in states where tourism is a mainstay. Himachal Pradesh has for long attracted

discerning travellers who seek refuge in the serenity that mountains have to offer. Rakkh, a luxury resort in Palampur, located in an offbeat location is a window to the true life and experience of the mountain people. We have almost exclusively employed staff from neighbouring villages, training them in the art and science of hospitality with the spirit and passion already endemic to these convivial people.

The Quintessential Himachi Village

We have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our staff, our community who share their land with us, you, our guest and ourselves. We endeavour to go beyond just the ordained rules and regulations in the interest of all human lives we share our space with. Some salient features to inspire in you the confidence to holiday with us:
1. Spread across a large property, each cottage has its own private entry and is isolated from others from complete privacy.
2. Fresh vegetables grown in our very own organic farms are exclusively used for preparing traditional Himachali dishes among others. All food is handled and prepared with great attention to hygiene.
3. Energizing outdoor activities coupled with immersive cultural experiences help you detox from the last few weeks of being constrained.
4. Fully motorable roads with great connectivity to all major cities around Delhi NCR, including Jaipur, Chandigarh, Amritsar among others make Rakkh Resort in Palampur an ideal road trip destination.
5. We will introduce the appropriate screening and optimal isolation for guests to enjoy their time in the mountains without anxiety.
6. Guest friendly booking and cancellation policies for you to book with confidence.
Hope to host you soon at Rakkh, an adventure resort near Dharamshala.

Ghamrota Village Post Office Ballah ,Tehsil Palampur, District Kangra, Jiun, Himachal Pradesh 176061