08 September 2020

Travelling to Rakkh, Himachal Pradesh in times of COVID: A first-hand experience.

travel in times of covid

 Journey to Rakkh

1. How was your journey to Rakkh? Specifically, crossing border in the current pandemic situation?

Traveling in the hills has been tricky with the many restrictions on border crossing.
Even though I’m here on work and not really leisure, it was still a challenge.

Swati Makkar from Rakkh was extremely helpful in helping procure the epass, when a property lends this kind of support, it’s telling on their level of hospitality. I’m very grateful. However I understand the apprehension of the state and the current healthcare systems that may not be able to withstand a virus spread .
I crossed two borders, the second one in Kangra kept me for an hour to double check my covid test with the lab and all my paperwork. Yes it got to me, and I was borderline impatient.

2. How was your check-in experience at Rakkh?

Excellent. Sanitised. Quick.

3. What are the measures taken by management to address pandemic?

Temperature checks on entry, sanitisation for guests and luggage, strict adherence to wearing masks and gloves. Which all made me very comfortable.

 travel in covid

4. Did you feel safe at Rakkh?
Yes. Traveling alone I was a little apprehensive as Rakkh is an experiential exclusive and elusive resort in Palampur, but I felt at ease thanks to the team.

This is an excerpt from the heart-to-heart between Swati Makkar, our Resort Manager and our very first guest for the season since COVID Lockdown.

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