22 Feb 2021


Sustainability In Himachal | Rakkh Resort 

While sustainability has only become the need of the hour across the world in more recent times, the hills have been practicing it for eons now. Rakkh resort in Himachal Pradesh is proud to be an upholder of some of these practices and pledges to be a sustainable operation forever. But what does being sustainable mean for someone like us? It goes beyond waste reduction or avoiding plastic although these too go a long way towards helping us be a sustainable operation.

Here are some ways our resort in Himachal Pradesh runs as a sustainable venture and how you can be a contributor to sustainable tourism just by staying with us!  

hills at our resort in dharamshala

Architecture In Our Resort In Himachal Pradesh

We decided to model all our common areas and to an extent our cottages in the style of the Pahadis. On a village walk around our resort in Himachal Pradesh, you’ll notice that all houses and buildings are unique compared to construction in the plains. Wood and clay are used for building and binding material while stone may be used for support. Traditional houses would have slate-stone roof insulated with layers of dried grass. This is going out of usage now as a maintenance run is required every year for this.

Stone is also used in the construction of bigger establishments such as temples. The ancient Masrur temples near our resort in Himachal Pradesh were entirely cut out of a rock, making them last and also making use of locally available resources. The wooden temples of this Dev Bhoomi are legendary with many popular temples across Himachal Pradesh, sites of pilgrimage even today.

Here at Rakkh, our Himachali Rasoi is fashioned in the old school way: With an open-air oven and ground seating so that one can comfortably sit down and feast on our Himachali cuisine, cooked with vegetables fresh from our organic garden.

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Water in Our Resort In Himachal Pradesh

There is a reason Himachali water is so highly coveted around the world; apart from tasting like ambrosia itself, this water is the epitome of pure, unadulterated and packed with good minerals that rejuvenate the body and soul.

The various streams around our resort in Himachal Pradesh are the primary source of water for the resort. Known as Charuru, these waters feed all lives around them. We also regularly check the TDS quality of the water although we are sure it rarely gets adulterated, thanks to the love and respect the local communities have for the waters here! And this goes beyond the water as well; we use copper bottles in our rooms and copper utensils for heating and storing water. There are several studies that encourage drinking water from copper vessels because of its various health benefits (mainly haemoglobin production, bone strength and a better immune system).

stream at our resort in dharamshala

Sustainable Food In Himachal Pradesh

Each morsel of food prepared at our resort in Himachal Pradesh is handled and prepared with the utmost love and care. Most of our products, in fact, comes directly from the organic garden that is maintained with dedication. When not possible to source from our organic garden, we make sure that we source locally from farmers and the local markets directly instead of involving middlemen. The flour for most of our wheat-based food comes from Pan-Chakkis, traditional water mills that do not require electricity to run.

We also believe that sustainable food goes beyond using organic produce. For instance, we encourage guests to sample our traditional Himachali cuisine that makes use of seasonal ingredients and local cooking techniques like clay stoves. Our Dhaam is a speciality feast made by Pahadi chefs known as Botis, eliminating the need to hire cooks from outside and empowering locals at the same time. The Dhaam is a highlight of the culinary endeavours at our resort in Himachal Pradesh, so do enquire with us to plan the perfect meal for you and your family!

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Empowering Locals At Our Resort In Himachal Pradesh

It is not merely the tangible assets that are forwarded the sustainable practices. Empowering the local Pahadi communities that hail from the neighbouring villages who in turn empower our resort in Himachal Pradesh goes a long way towards making us a sustainable operation. Almost 100% of our staff are from the hills. A hidden benefit of this strategy is that the carbon footprints of all employees are also reduced, thereby making it all the more sustainable! From our chefs to the artisans who man our pottery and weaving stations to a nearby school that our management helped renovate, we are involved and indeed will be indebted to the many people that make our resort in Himachal Pradesh the ultimate getaway it is.

staff at our resort in dharamshala

Bhuira Jams From Himachal Pradesh

We have a special affinity for other small businesses that aim at sustainability and Bhuira is a big part of the cuisine at our resort in Himachal Pradesh! For those not in the know, Bhuira was started by Linnet Mushran in 1999 as a way of empowering Himachali women around the estate she and her husband procured. The estate produced a charming variety of fruits and vegetables that Linnet initially used to make jams on her own. Eventually, she taught the craft to the women in the surrounding villages, and the story truly starts from there. Today we are proud to use Bhuira categories that come in a variety of flavours and categories like jams, preserves, chutneys made out of mango and tomato and marmalades made with citrus!

food at our resort in dharamshala

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