10 October 2020

What the Himachali Dhaam Consists Of When you stay at this Resort in Palampur

One of the Himachal’s most signature culinary experiences that’s a speciality at our resort in Palampur is of course the Dhaam! No celebration in the hills is complete without a traditional dhaam, a slow cooked delight for the senses. So what is it about dhaam that makes it special? And what are the components of this feast?

Dhaam is a traditional meal that is said to be inspired from the Wazwan, a similar Kashmiri feast. According to legend, King Jaistambh, the then ruler of the Himachal regions, was drawn to the Kashmiri variant on a visit in Kashmir and wanted to create a version of the same. The people of the land made use of the best of ingredients available to them, which consisted mostly of rice, pulses and milk, and thus was born a new culinary tradition!

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So what makes Dhaam special? Perhaps the most unique standout is that Dhaam is prepared entirely without the use of vegetables. Fresh vegetables are unavailable year round in the hills, and the feast makes complete use of only pulses, spices, and some paneer or cottage cheese. Dhaam is a true testament to the Himachal region’s cuisine!

The dhaam also has a special method of preparation. Each dish is slow cooked over wood flame over the course of a few hours, and the entire process is undertaken by Botis, or the traditional brahmin cooks of the Himalayas. The Botis carry over their family recipes for generations together, and no one else is allowed to carry out the cooking. But if you speak to the Botis that undertake the dhaam at our resort in Palampur, you might just get a whisper or two from them!

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Now, what dishes constitute a Dhaam?
The centerpiece of any dhaam is fluffy, soft white rice. This is then accompanied by Madra, a slow cooked lentil dish with either kidney beans or chickpeas. Then matar paneer, a rich gravy with cottage cheese and peas, and a variety of dals that are all slow cooked. To round out the spices, a generous helping of kheer!

Dhaam is Rakkh’s showstopper culinary event, and all our guests are treated to a dhaam during their stay in our resort in Palampur. For a true taste of the Himachal, book a stay at our resort in Palampur!

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