20 August 2020

Staycation at Rakkh Resort in Dharamshala

Has working from home finally become mundane these past few months? Does the idea of working amidst the hills allure you?

There could not be a better time to visit Rakkh, an idyllic resort in Palampur. Let your ideas of better living be changed, completely. With Rakkh’s staycation package, experience the best hospitality, cuisine and adventure that the Himalayas have to offer you. Treat yourself to this 6-days/5-night experience that has the perfect combination of adventure, learning, delectable Kangri cuisine and a surplus of time for you to get work done in peaceful and safe environs. This itinerary is only suggestive. We would love to customize it according to your interests! 

Day 1

The moment you enter Palampur, tea gardens greet you, as far as the eye can see. They’re flanked by Pine, Cedar and Deodar trees that dot the landscape. The shrill call of the Himalayan Bulbul will occasionally pierce through the air as you make your way through the winding roads. One last turn into a winding, rustic road, you’ll have arrived at Rakkh, your home for the next 5 days.

Our expert staff have been trained for compliance with government procedures and guidelines for dealing with COVID19, and the check-in procedure is contactless and seamless. After a welcome drink, you will be escorted to your room, and you can take this time to freshen up. A hot, sumptuous lunch awaits you. Afterwards, feel free to walk around, take in the sights, sounds and scents of the Rakkh resort in Palampur. Feeling hungry again? Our 24/7 Maggi station is at your command, serving up the most popular snack in the Himalayas! Once back from the walk, we use this evening to laze about. Feel like doing a spot of gardening? You’re welcome to our organic garden, the source of all produce that goes into the meals at Rakkh resort in Palampur! We retire early after dinner tonight, in anticipation of the exciting days ahead. 

Day 2

The cacophony of Magpies will awaken you, even as you’re tempted to fall asleep again. Day starts early in the Kangra valley, you will experience it firsthand as you visit a local village after your breakfast. Along with an expert local guide, see how village life really is around Palampur. Seemingly mundane becomes magical simply because of the beautiful people there, and their enigmatic stories. Learn how they adapt to modernity, yet retain their roots. You’ll also get to visit one of the most quaint but quintessential sights of these villages, a Gharat, or watermill. In the days before electricity, a Gharat was where grains were ground into flour, harnessing the streams and making use of hydropower long before it became mainstream! Lunch beckons. Once we’ve eaten our fill, we move on to our inhouse pottery station. Manned by local masters of the art, you’ll spend the evening getting your hands dirty in the quest to make that perfect earthen bowl! 

Day 3

That magpie wakes you up again with his raucousness. But this time, you are well prepared, for you are up just before the dawn breaks, to embark on a birdwatching walk. Guided by a naturalist, you will try your luck at sighting some of 300 bird species endemic to the mountains around Rakkh, nearly 30 of which are exclusive to the Himalayas. This could be the morning we spot the elusive Himalayan Monal!
The evening is reserved for one of our most special indulgence, a Kangri Dham. A unique feast that makes use of absolutely no vegetables, onion or garlic. Being entirely lentil-based, Dham is a surprisingly improbable treat to the senses. Prepared by expert Brahmin cooks known as Botis, Dham takes a leisurely 12 hours of preparation time. Feel free to talk to the chefs about Kangra life as you tuck into some of the most wholesome and rich food that hails from North India. Our dinner will not be silent, however, for a captivating performance of folk music and dance awaits us. Post that lovely dinner, all you can do is retire! 

Day 4

Your last day in Rakkh resort in Palampur, and what better way to take advantage of this day than to undertake one last long, rewarding trek to the natural springs of Kangra. It is this same water that empowers Rakkh as well. We do our very best to ensure it stays pristine. Therefore, we leave no waste behind while on our picnic, in accordance with our no plastics and eco-awareness policies. A live cooking session awaits that will surely entice all the hungry trekkers!

Once we are back, you can take a well-earned nap, spend the rest of the evening invigorating the senses with the Himalayas (along with the help of a few complimentary drinks!) before your departure the next day.

Bidding Adieu

One last wake up call and breakfast. With the heaviest of hearts, we must part ways. But we do hope you return to hear the magpies calling, the streams bubbling, and the songs of the people reverberating throughout Kangra Valley. 

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