11 Jan 2021


Mind Your Way: A Guide To
Nature Walk Manners 2021

With travel easing up, at least within states and even interstates, people are releasing their pent-up energy becoming feet-happy. Many have taken to the safe and beautiful adventure of trekking and hiking on trails. Rakkh Resort near Dharamshala, in Palampur, is blessed with innumerable trails and pathways around, some tough, some moderate, some a walk in the garden, literally, a walk in the tea garden. But with freedom comes responsibility. We are still battling and recovering from the pandemic, and it is best we follow some simple rules to navigate these tough times even as we become uncompromising on the fun and adventure.

stream near our resort in dharamshala

With gyms, swimming pools and many other sporting avenues still shuttered, people are craving the great outdoors more and more. The best of this activity is walking and hiking on trails. The number of people visiting the trails around our adventure resort near Dharamshala, has steadily increased with easing of travel norms.

Walking with loved ones, in the safety and privacy of uncluttered mountain trails, trekking in Himachal Pradesh has become the antidote to the lockdown and being cooped up. These activities are also bringing families and friends closer together as they rediscover the connection that was lost during the long period of no contact.

Many people who are new to the adventure of hiking and trekking too are taking up this wonderful outdoor activity at Rakkh Resort in Dharamshala, on the slopes of Kangra and with the mighty Dhauladhars overlooking from the horizon. The newbies may not be well versed with the etiquette and do’s and don’ts of hiking and trekking. With increased traffic along the trails, some simple rules help us have the best timekeeping in mind your safety too.

Here we offer a brief overview of trail etiquette, to help those who might be completely new or out of practice or in need of a refresher, on how to navigate these trails. 

stream near our resort in dharamshala

1. Show up bright and shiny
During winters, with shorter days, trails expected to complete withing daylight could also extend, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the twilight. So dress up colourfully, spreading cheer too in the process and being visible. Carry a torch or headlamp for overcast or after dark.
2. Stay Left, Let Right
The same rules as driving a car on a highway apply here too. Always stay on the left-hand side of the trail and let people pass you on the right, whether they are walking, running or rolling down on a mountain bike. The ideal action is to alert people in advance that you're passing. Ring a bell on your bike, call out a friendly warning that you're "on your right!" or just say, "Hello! Excuse me. Please let me pass?"
3. Keep your pawsome buddies close!
We advise that you keep your pets on leashes while on trails, whether or not well-trained unless our experts’ guides from Rakkh Resort near Dharamshala tell you that it is a leash-free zone. Be considerate that not all are familiar with pets, let alone your pet and might be sceptical or scared even. If your pet poops on the trail, it is a decent thing to pick it up and discard it where no one will stamp on it.
4. Adopt the Leave No Trace diktats
Internalise the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace program. They are designed to create a framework to indulge the natural world with the least impact, conserving and preserving the beauty and health of the ecosystem, while leaving it lovely for future visitors. The 7 Principles are:
Plan Ahead & Prepare.
Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces.
Dispose of Waste Properly.
Leave What You Find.
Minimise Campfire Impacts.
Respect Wildlife.
Be Considerate of Other Visitors.
5. Uphill has the right of way.
The trails around our adventure resort in Dharamshala get narrow at certain places. While navigating these stretches always yield to the hiker going uphill. People going uphill are working harder against gravity, and their vision is limited to the next step. So the ideal thing to do is to stand aside and let them pass.

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6. If your phones are smart, shouldn't you be too?
Communion with nature is best done in silence. If you need music, play an instrument. Might we suggest Himachali style the flute? Else wear the earphones. Do not blast music on portable speakers or your mobile loudspeaker. Pausing now and again to take selfies just disrupts the pace of you and others behind you and tires all out. Make memories that live forever, not photos that get lost with the change of device.
7. The weather might be cool, but the hearts and smiles are warmest!
Smile as you pass each other and the locals. Start a conversation when possible, respond to friendly comments and queries. Don’t wear both earphones that you miss out on someone calling out for help. Being at a safe distance should not be a hindrance for being warm and friendly. Make way for people going uphill and say an encouraging word or two.
8. Let it be an adventure, not a misadventure.
Stick to the trail. Do not venture on your own into unknown paths. Our guides at Rakkh have curated the routes for varied skill and intensity levels. They will assess you and guide you on the route best suited for you.
Do not write, spray or carve anything into the trees and rocks, let it be pristine as is. As cute as they are, do not build inukshuks, they could be a hazard and even disturb the animal corridors.
9. Nature’s call in nature
Treks and hikes can last long, with the need to relieve yourself. Although we shun going in the open, in nature, you must do. Ensure that you follow a decorum for the same, away from the trail and leave the place as clean as possible.
10. Pack the bare necessities 
Masks, sanitizers among other things have become the norm of the day and even mandatory at many places, even though no one expects you to wear a mask while in the woods, you will cross villages and public places en route and it is recommended to have your mask handy for your safety and that of others.
Following these simple rules will make your treks and hikes in and around Rakkh Resort in Dharamshala thoroughly enjoyable. We can’t wait to host you as we put behind us last year and move ahead with hope and joy in 2021.

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