8th March 2021


The Best Himachal Itinerary Around Our Resort In Himachal Pradesh

There’s a change in the realm as the snow melts away for the year and the dog roses come into bloom. Himachal comes alive, decked in green. Our resort in Himachal Pradesh goes from a snowy retreat into the summer hill station getaway you’ve always dreamed of! For those who rightly decide to escape to the hills this summer, a week’s getaway in Himachal Pradesh is what you need!

We have curated for you 2 adventures in the hills taking you across every type of experience: There’s something for those that want to explore the unknown, the thrill seekers, and special destinations for those moments where you just need a break from it all!

Without further ado, here’s a guide to the several districts near our resort in Himachal Pradesh, along with some that are further away but definitely merit a visit. Then 2 short itineraries that take you through these districts! 

town near our resort in dharamshala

Chamba: The Chamba Valley at the northwest of Himachal is around 150km from our resort in Himachal Pradesh, which should make it a reasonably brisk 5-hour journey. Chamba is known for its national parks and various temples!
Kullu: One of the most popular districts of Himachal for a reason! Kullu is also located around 150km from our resort in Himachal Pradesh and makes for a particularly romantic getaway with its apple orchards and vast deodar forests. It is also an ancient town, having played a role in many ancient Indian epics.
Kangra: The home of Rakkh resort in Himachal Pradesh. Kangra Valley is one of the oldest districts in Himachal and known as the realm of spirituality as it harbours Dharamshala (which is also the district headquarters). Suffice to say that there is plenty to do in Kangra, especially when staying at Rakkh!
Lahaul/Spiti: A 10-hour drive away from Palampur lie the now-merged districts of Lahaul-Spiti. While the valley is usually blanketed in snow even till March, summer opens up the motorable roads of the district and the weather becomes far more pleasant.
Mandi: Just 3 hours away from our resort in Himachal lies the Mandi district. Known as Choti Kashi owing to its numerous temples, Mandi can even be done in one day although we do recommend spending a night there to recuperate from the drive.
Shimla: The queen of the hills, Shimla needs no introduction. This was the summer capital for many members of the British Raj and remnants of its past can be seen everywhere, in the vast estates and on the outskirts of the town. Shimla is around 6 hours from our resort in Himachal Pradesh so it would probably be best to include this at the very end of your itinerary.

With this list of districts in mind, here are a few sample itineraries that take you through the best sights of Himachal Pradesh!

peak near our resort in dharamshala

Chamba-Kangra-Kullu-Shimla: The Classics

For those that have never been to the hills, this covers the quintessential Himachal sights and districts. You start your journey in the Chamba Valley where you can visit the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary or go rafting. Post that, you can make your way around the winding roads until you reach Rakkh Resort. Spend the days trekking, exploring Dharamshala or Mcleodganj and don’t forget to visit the various monasteries in Dharamshala! The sunny weather means this is perfect for treks or exploring the Pahadi villages around us. Kullu beckons soon after; hike to Malana village from here or explore the various apple orchards, some of which are the oldest in the country. Shimla will be your last stop; this vibrant district being the perfect place to unwind after all that travel. Spend days roaming around the Mall Road, or visiting Kufri and admiring the views of the snow-capped peaks from there.  


If you’re a slightly seasoned traveller, then skip the main sights as you explore hidden Himachal. Spend the first 3 days at Rakkh, where you’ll be treated to the ways of Pahari village life. Explore the culinary cosmos of the Himachal as summers open up the doors to a wide variety of Himachal foods. Visit the various temples of Kangra or just spend time with your loved ones by the streams around our resort.
You can then drive down to Manali, visiting Mandi and Kullu on the way. The hardcore hiking enthusiasts can trek to the mysterious village of Malana directly from Kullu (which covers several passes and takes about 4-5 days) or explore Manali and all its charm. Finally, we head on to Lahaul-Spiti where the Key Monastery, Chandrataal Lake and many more such curiosities await you.

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