Kalka Shimla Toy Train

The Kalka Shimla Toy Train is a great way to travel between the hill station’s colonial past and the modern restaurants, pubs, and stores that line the edge of Mall Road and the Ridge. The Kalka Shimla Toy Train is a 60-mile excursion through the mountains that is a must-do for any vacationer. The train travels through more than 100 tunnels and 800 bridges. This UNESCO World Heritage Site dates back to 1903 and is a display of breathtaking scenery that will make you wish you were there right now.

The journey itself is an experience in itself, with stunning views at every turn. The best part, though, is that taking a train gives you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience travel in a whole new light. Go on a joyful toy train ride while staying at our resort in Himachal Pradesh.

The Kalka–Shimla Toy Train: A Historical Perspective

During the time that India was ruled by the British, Shimla (formerly known as Simla) was designated as the imperial capital of the summer. There was poor access to Shimla during that time. Every viable option was fraught with peril and took an inordinate amount of time to complete.

As a result, in November of 1903, the British inaugurated the Kalka Shimla narrow-gauge railroad to facilitate quick and simple travel to Shimla. The initial train ride was a success with Lord Curzon, and the train has been operating regularly, with only brief stops for repairs, ever since.

Toy Train Route Between Kalka And Shimla

Located in the Panchkula region of Haryana, Kalka is the departure point for the Kalka Shimla Toy Train. The first ascent is 656 metres high, and the entire journey to Shimla, nestled at an elevation of 6,812 feet among picturesque hills and mysterious woodlands, takes 96 kilometres.

It stops at 18 different stations: Kalka, Taksal, Grumman, Koti, Sonwara, Dharampur, Kumarhatti, Barog, Solan, Salogra, Kandaghat, Kanoh, Kathleegat, Shoghi, Taradevi, Jutoh, Summer Hill, and Shimla. The train stops at each station for a while so that passengers can get off and sample the local cuisine, drink tea, and snack on snacks.

The most invigorating part of the trip is being able to take in the breathtaking views, breathe in the clean air, relax in the sunny weather, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and enjoy the sounds of birds chirping and animals grazing along the path.

Image credits: shimlatourism.com

Kalka Shimla Toy Train Services

Here is information on the three most popular tourist trains that operate along the Kalka Shimla railway:

Rail Motor Car

The Rail Motor Car is a single-coach train that runs between Kalka and Shimla and is widely considered to be one of the most popular train routes in all of India. It has a transparent glass ceiling with cushioned chairs, an LCD, and air conditioning, and it has been tastefully designed with tube light fittings. There are two power outlets in each seat for charging your electronic devices (phones, computers, etc.).

The Rail Motor Car can hold anywhere from 14 to 18 passengers and offers a fast service with on-the-go catering. The train makes a 20-minute stop at Barog station, so early risers can grab breakfast there. For just INR 50, you may get two slices of bread, a cup of coffee, and some butter for breakfast. Vegetarians can select from an omelet or two pieces of a cutlet. This station is photogenic, so don’t forget to take some shots.

Shivalik Deluxe Express

The journey from Kalka to Shimla, and back again, is made more comfortable by the Shivalik Deluxe Express luxury Toy Train’s carpet, huge glass windows, soft cushioned seats, updated restrooms, and relaxing music. All of the woodwork is exquisite, and there is plush carpeting throughout the room in addition to draperies and framed artwork.

The train can carry up to 120 people and offers spacious, comfortable seating for all of them. The seats may be turned around and a foldable table can be used to make the most of your space throughout your trip.

The meal service includes two slices of brown bread, one vegetable cutlet, bread jam, bread butter, and ketchup packets, all of which can be enjoyed while looking out the large windows.

There is a mineral water bottle and a thermos of hot water for passengers to use to make tea or coffee on the train. There are no intermediate stations listed, but there is a significant layover at the Barog station. Here, you can sate your hunger with a delicious and nutritious lunch.

Himalayan Queen

Both first- and second-class cars are available on the Kalka Shimla Himalayan Queen Toy Train, which is also a regular train for seeing the sights in Himachal Pradesh’s hill station. It operates nonstop every day of the week at a speed of 18 km/h and takes care of the necessary distance. For the comfort of its passengers, the train provides only one chair coach and the usual assortment of car seats.

However, passengers can purchase meals at each of the nine major stations the Himalayan Queen train visits. Barog, Dharampur, Jutogh, Solan, Summer Hill, Kumarhatti, Taradevi, Kandaghat, and Salogra are some of the stations in this network. When the train stops for long periods of time—5-10 minutes in some cases—you can get out and take as many pictures as you want of the breathtaking scenery outside the window.

For the Schedule of the Toy Train Between Kalka and Shimla,

Kalka to Shimla travel time

The 5:10 a.m. departure time from Kalka aboard the Rail Motor Car (72451), which arrives at its destination at 9:50 a.m.

The 5:20 a.m. departure time from Kalka is when the Shivalik Deluxe Express toy train (52451) first leaves the station.

Toy train 52455, the Himalayan Queen, departs Kalka at 12:10 and gets there at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Shimla to Kalka travel time

The Shimla–Kalka journey of toy train 72452 begins at 4:25 p.m.

When leaving Shimla at 5:50 p.m., the Shivalik Deluxe Express (52452) will get you to Kalka at 10:30 p.m.

Train 52456, the Himalayan Queen, leaves Shimla at 10:40 in the morning and arrives in Kalka at 4:10 in the afternoon.