Bhagsunag Falls

Bhagsu Fall is a visual feast surrounded by the stunning grandeur of Dharamshala. The serenity and peace that the setting bestows calm the mind. This well-known tourist attraction is ideal for a picnic with friends and family. The Bhagsunath Temple, next to this waterfall, provides a spiritual touch to this location. The Dhauladhar Valley, also a holy destination, is where the Bhagsu waterfall originates.

The waves advance across the Bhagsunath temple until they reach the pinnacle, where they fall freely with a rustling sound. During the monsoon season, the fascinating beauty of this fall is accentuated when the waterfall, which stands at the height of 30 feet, pours down significant amounts of water coupled with rain showers. View the beautiful scenery while indulging your senses with delectable cuisine at cafés and restaurants around the Bhagsu Waterfall by staying at a resort in Dharamshala.

For nature enthusiasts, this is the perfect venue in Dharamshala. The water might tempt you to take a swim, but the frigid temperature would make you reconsider. Apart from indulging in the beauty of this waterfall, you can also engage in other activities nearby, such as trekking, which will provide you with the most beautiful natural scenery.

It is recommended that you wear athletic shoes to avoid falling on the slick surface near the waterfall. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee while taking in the breathtaking vista of the Bhagsu Falls. Explore this site, which is one of Mcleodganj’s most well-known tourist attractions.

Bhagsu Falls is located 2 kilometres from Mcleodganj, the central market centre in Bhagsunag hamlet. The Bhagsu waterfall is easily accessible from Mcleodganj to Dharamshala and vice versa. The waterfall is 3 kilometres from Dharamshala if you’re coming from there.

The waterfall is only a stone’s throw away from the temple. Thus you may stroll there from the temple. If you’re going to the Bhagsu waterfall with children or the elderly, you can use a rickshaw or a cab.

The best time to visit Bhagsu waterfall while staying at a resort in Dharamshala is during the summer. Not only will the pleasant weather meet your desire to swim in the waters here, but it will also be easy to explore this natural beauty.

You should avoid visiting during the wet season, as the location receives a lot of rain. Winters are also not a good time to visit this location because the chilly temperatures are at their highest, obstructing your exploration of the area. So, if you want to see the beautiful vistas of the Bhagsu Waterfall, schedule your tours when the weather is nice.

                                             Image Credits: Truhab

Some tips for the travellers before visiting Bhagsunag Falls:

1. Wear comfortable shoes because the hike between the Bhagsunath temple and the Bhagsu waterfall will be on rugged terrain.

2. Due to rain showers, the temperature can become extraordinary, so bring some warm clothing with you.

3. The waterfall’s area is slick or could become slick owing to rain, so proceed with caution to avoid injury.

4. Keep an eye on your children to avoid any mistakes.

5. Keep some essential medicines on hand in case of illness, such as a cold or a fever.

6. Bring your cameras to capture the region’s beautiful vistas.