Popular Tourist Attractions in Dharamshala


  1. Triund Hill, Dharamshala

Triund Hill, a popular destination for trekkers and adventurers, is one of Dharamshala’s most picturesque spots. It is surrounded by rolling hills and is at the height of 2850 metres above sea level. Triund Hill is a popular alternative for those searching for a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle, thanks to its clean air and natural surroundings.

Triund Hill is well-known for its excellent hiking paths and breathtaking views. You may soak in the captivating grandeur of the snow-capped mountains and pure surroundings once you reach the summit. Triund is also an excellent place to have a picnic. On a clear night, you can camp here at night and count the stars.

  1. Dharamshala Cricket Stadium, Dharamshala

Dharamshala Cricket Stadium, also known as Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) Stadium, is a must-see for cricket fans. The stadium is 1457 metres above sea level, amidst the breathtaking Dhauladhar Range. It is notably well-known for being the world’s highest international cricket stadium.

The nicest part about the HPCA stadium is that it is also open to visitors. As a result, you can visit this beautiful location even if no cricket matches are scheduled. The main stand’s Tibetan-style architecture and gorgeous location make this stadium one of the most stunning Dharamshala tourist attractions.

  1. St John in the Wilderness Church, Dharamshala

St John in the Wilderness Church is one of the quietest and most well-known spots to visit in Dharamshala, nestled among lush green deodar trees. This Anglican church, dedicated to John the Baptist, was completed in 1852. It’s roughly 8 kilometres from Dharamshala and on the way to McLeod Ganj.

Despite being one of the region’s oldest monuments, its unusual architecture and tranquil atmosphere make it one of Himachal Pradesh’s most prominent churches. The church is a well-known destination among architectural lovers because of its spectacular neo-gothic building style. Belgian stained-glass windows add to the allure of this sacred site.

4 War Memorial, Dharamshala

The War Memorial is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Dharamshala. It was a memorial to Kangra’s brave troops who gave their lives in the wars of 1947-48, 1962, 1965, and 1971, as well as UN peacekeeping missions. Three massive black marble walls with the names of the martyred soldiers inscribed on them make up the memorial. 

Several models of cannons, war tanks, planes, and other vehicles are also on display. The memorial’s attractiveness is enhanced by the surrounding forests and beautiful green surroundings, making it a popular tourist destination.

  1. Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamshala

The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, founded on June 11, 1970, by the 14th Dalai Lama – Tenzin Gyatso, is recognised for housing some primary Tibetan literature. The collection contains around 80,000 manuscripts, papers, and books relevant to Tibetan history, culture, art, and politics. Aside from this, there are more than 10,000 pictures, over 600 thangkas, Buddhist artefacts and statues, and much more.

While being one of Dharamshala’s lesser-known attractions, the library is frequented by history lovers and Tibetan literature enthusiasts. The library is particularly well-known since it has books, manuscripts, and documents brought from Tibet by the monks during their 1959 escape.

  1. Bhagsunag Temple, Dharamshala

The ancient Bhagsunag or Bhagsunath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is one of Dharamshala’s most well-known temples. It is 3 kilometres from McLeod Ganj and is frequented by Hindus and native Gorkhas. The temple also contains a sacred pond and a bathing pool in addition to the main shrine.

Visitors to the temple can also plunge into the sacred pond, where the water is said to have magical healing properties. One of the most excellent locations in Dharamshala is the temple, which has a holy aura and a tranquil atmosphere. After paying your respects at the shrine, you can spend some time around the Bhagsunag Waterfalls.

  1. Gyuto Monastery, Dharamshala

This magnificent monastery is perched on a ridge with the breathtaking Dhauladhar Range in the distance. It houses a stunning gold-plated statue of Lord Buddha, which is incredibly gorgeous when lit by the early sun. The monastery’s eye-catching architecture and tranquil ambience make it one of Dharamshala’s most popular tourist destinations.

  1. Kareri Dal Lake, Dharamshala

Kareri Dal Lake is one of the most gorgeous and incredible spots in Dharamshala for couples, surrounded by thick deodar trees and steep mountains. It is visited by individuals seeking peace and quiet amid nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

You can picnic with your loved ones here, enjoy boat rides, and seek blessings at the little Shiva Temple on the banks and relax around this tranquil and serene lake. Kareri Dal Lake is also a popular rest stop for hikers on their way to Sunset Point

  1. Dharamkot Studio, Dharamshala

Dharamkot Studio, located in Dharamkot, a village 2 kilometres from McLeod Ganj, is a must-see for pottery enthusiasts. Tourists and locals who want to try this lovely art can take pottery courses from the studio’s professional instructors. You can also take classes here to learn about various parts of pottery.

Dharamkot Studio is known for restoring the craft of black pottery, which is used to make utensils. Despite being one of Dharamshala’s lesser-known attractions, the studio’s attractiveness makes it a must-see.

  1. Kangra Fort, Dharamshala

Kangra Fort, built by the Katoch dynasty in the 4th century BC, is India’s earliest fort. It is also the Himalayan region’s largest fort and one of the most popular Dharamshala tourist attractions. 

Despite being in ruins, this old palace, which formerly served as the residence of Kangra’s royal family, attracts history buffs and architecture lovers worldwide. The fort survived many battles and remained powerful and unbroken for centuries. However, when a large earthquake struck the region in 1905, it was severely damaged.

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