Taking NO plastic pledge with Rakkh

Take a look at things around you, and you will be shocked at how much plastic is used in everyday life. Plastics are all around us. These easy-to-access single-use plastic is being produced on a massive scale that is thrown away, blocking the oceans, filling the lands, and slowly making their way to our food chains. There has been a massive increase in plastic pollution. Now everybody knows about the endangered aquatic life and the rapid speed at which our blue planet is becoming toxic.

Ocean Plastic

Although we see people talking and writing about plastic contamination on the earth, the real question is what are we really doing to cut plastic usage? We at Rakkh, our eco-friendly resort in Himachal Pradesh practise all possible ways to cut down plastic. Here are a few things that we recommend everyone can practise in their daily lives.

Always keep a reusable carry bag in your car, bike or purse. This will help in the case of unplanned shopping.

Buy a glass bottle of shampoo, conditioner, oil, creams, etc that can be reused after use. At Rakkh resort in Himachal Pradesh, the toiletries used in the rooms are available in refillable dispensers reducing the use of single-use plastic.

Educate your kids regarding the harm caused by plastic and teach them the correct ways to dispose of plastic.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Always use recyclable and bio-degradable plastic. Put in all efforts to eliminate single-use plastic

Shop from supermarkets that allow you to carry your own bag for groceries. Try to shop from local markets. At our eco-friendly resort in Himachal Pradesh, vegetables and fruits are produced in our organic kitchen farm with the help of local villagers.

Replace the plastic straws with reusable steel/metal straws

Segregate the waste to ensure the plastic is sent for recycling

Opt for clothing made of cotton, hemp, wool and other natural fibres.

Choose products packaged in natural materials such as bamboo, corn-starch, potato starch, cocoa bean shells, glass, grass paper, wool, cotton, or hemp.

Pack your lunch in a steel or glass container.

Glass Containers

Carry a reusable steel, copper or glass bottle with you when you go out. Rakkh, our eco-friendly resort in Himachal Pradesh, is free of plastic bottles and single-use plastics. The blessed waters of Charuru, our very own natural water spring supplies us with enriched water that we bottle in glass and copper containers after proper filtration to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff.

Try to eat fruit and homecooked snacks and avoid packaged snacks.

We at Rakkh, our resort in Himachal Pradesh have built a water hut. There is a natural spring within the property and a dedicated water hut has now been built for the guests to stay hydrated with the mineral-rich nutritious water coming directly from the Himalayan mountains, sand purified and UV filtered, stored in the traditional matkas and take-away bottles. Hydration points have also been added throughout the resort, which will offer local drinks and Kangra tea to quench the guests’ thirst.

At Rakkh believe it is our quintessential duty and responsibility to ensure the sanctity and purity of the environment around us. We have put in place certain simple measures to ensure that we treat the land that gives us our livelihood with the respect and gratitude it deserves.