Vashisht Temple in Himachal Pradesh

Vashisht Temple is a 4000 years old historic temple dedicated to the great sage Vashisht in a village near Manali. It is said that Beas Kund in Manali is the origin point of the mighty Beas River.

Vashisht Temple is located a few kilometres away from Manali. The beautiful small village located on the eastern side of the Beas River spread the energy of positivity and is a true backpacker’s paradise. Locals and tourists love to visit this place which gives a mesmerizing view of nature and provide deep satisfaction to the soul. Rakkh, our resort in Himachal Pradesh is also surrounded by beautiful Dhauladhar ranges. 

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Vashistha village is extremely significant when it comes to the heritage of Hindu culture as one of the Saptrishis Vashistha stayed there for some time. A hot water spring known as Vashisht Kund is inside the temple campus. According to the legend the Rishi Vashisht was saddened after knowing that his children were killed by Vishwamitra and tried to commit suicide, but the river refused to kill him. The river was named Vipasha which means ‘ freedom from bondage’. It was later known as Beas. He began mediating and vowed to start his new life.

There is also an ancient stone temple of Lord Rama adjacent to the Vashisht temple. The place is an important Hindu pilgrimage centre. The hot spring of the village is believed to have been created by Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Ram.

The creation of the spring has a legend that says, since Lakshman, did not want the Rishi Vashisht to go too far for a bath; he shot an arrow into the ground, and the hot springs emerged. Vashisht Temple offers an excellent view of the Beas River and the Old Manali. The river valley spread below at sunset gives a beautiful sight and is perfect for photography. Himachal Pradesh is beautiful and our resort in Himachal Pradesh offers some beautiful trekking options that take you to unexplored places and surprises with some beautiful waterfalls in the way.


The hot springs are also believed to have medicinal value. The springs are said to cure skin diseases. Many people take a dip in the hot springs and rid themselves of skin infections and diseases. There are also separate bath spaces for both men and women.

Places to visit near Vashisht Temple:
Hadimba Devi Temple: Hadimba Temple, which was constructed in the 16th century, is one of the best places to visit in Manali and is located amid a beautiful deodar forest on top of a hill in Manali. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Hadimba who was also the wife of the strongest of the Pandava brothers, Bhima.

Van Vihar: The main attraction of the park is the beautiful man-made lake situated in the middle of the woods. Tourists can enjoy boating in the lake. There are also a lot of swings for the children as well as couples in the park. The River Beas runs nearby the park. Visit the park in the evening and you will get a chance to enjoy the stunningly beautiful view of the sun setting against the glorious backdrop of the majestic mountains.

Manali Bazaar: The marketplace in Manali will enchant the excursionists with the form of brilliant handicraft objects that carry the essence of the land of Manali. The Tibetan Bazaar is a colourful market and there are many shops that sell herbal oils local to the region.

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