Pan Chakki- Sustainable Practice at Rakkh

Travel is a huge part of our global culture, allowing us to explore different parts of the world, meet people from different walks of life, and experience new traditions and activities. Since it brings many benefits to both travellers and communities, it can be seen as a force for good. But as time goes by, we’re now more aware of the threat of global warming and climate change and our role in escalating it. Across all industries globally, the thought of lessening our impact on the earth is something to be worked upon.

We at Rakkh, Resort in Palampur believe it is our quintessential duty and responsibility to ensure the sanctity and purity of the environment around us. We have put in place certain simple measures to ensure that we treat the land that gives us our livelihood with the respect and gratitude it deserves. We believe that tourism that has more benefits than negative impacts, especially relating to the environment, the economy and communities can make travelling worth it.

One of such sustainable practices at Rakkh is Pan Chakki. The fully functional Pan – Chakki or Gharat as called by the people in the Himalayas, provides the flour requirement for the entire village including that of Rakkh, our Resort in Palampur, supporting the local community along with being ecologically sustainable. All our village walks and easy hikes nearby pass by the Gharat taking you back in time to a simpler, sweeter time with the fragrance of the freshly milled flour wafting along with the mountain breeze.

Small little hutments next to the mountain streams, natural and irrigation channels, with turbines swirling with the force of the water dancing downhill, dot the hills of Kangra and we have one of our own in a nearby village. Although not as iconic as the windmills of Amsterdam, these watermills have been an indispensable part of life in the mountains until recently when the power mills took over.

At this point in time, it is important that natural resources are used in a sustainable way with balanced interaction of humans and technologies. The use of renewable natural sources can help fight the continuously growing climate change. Among the varied renewable resources like photovoltaic, solar thermal, tidal and wind energy, hydropower stands out for its feasibility due to which its potential is harnessed around the world. The Gharat or Panchakki (watermill) is one such indigenous technology that operates through the energy derived from flowing water coming from glaciers, perennial streams and rivulets and is used for the production of flour, lumber, textile or metal shaping.

Working of Pan Chakki or Watermill:

The water flows into Panchakki through underwater earthen pipes and is raised by a syphon, up to the top of a masonry pillar. This is where the water is stored, a reservoir, that is at a higher elevation than Panchakki. Since you need a higher velocity to rotate the turbine in generating electricity, the water is released from the elevated reservoir. Any surplus of water is carefully released into the river, thus ensuring the environmental benefits and sustainability of the project.

Rakkh Resort in Palampur has many more sustainable practices in place so that you get to enjoy your vacation without the guilt of the damage that any travelling experience costs to the environment. 

Responsible Sourcing at Rakkh
Vegetables and fruits above and beyond produced in our organic kitchen farm are sourced through local villagers. Even exquisite varieties of jams, marmalades, pickles are sourced from local industries with sustainable and social practices such as Bhuira Jams which helps reduce the carbon footprints. 

Kitchen Garden at Rakkh
We at Rakkh Resort in Palampur have our own organic kitchen garden where guests are encouraged to involve and indulge in soil preparation, farming techniques through harvesting. A particular favourite among our guests is the strawberry picking season.
Our everyday kitchen supplies come from these organic patches where only seasonal produce is viable for a farm to table experience. 

These are only a few of the sustainability practices at Rakkh, our Resort in Palampur. You can read more about Rakkh Sustainability here. If you truly want to experience a sustainable vacation, we welcome you to stay with us.