Palampur in Winter

The onset of winter gives Palampur a very peachy keen hill station vibe while deep into the winter season, you might find the weather freezing to single-digit temperatures. Snowfalls occur at any time of the day or night. You get to live the childhood dream of building a snowman and digging the snow to throw at one another. The best time to visit Palampur is September to May. Palampur experiences winters from November till February.

There are many activities in Palampur that can be enjoyed only in winter. While staying at Rakkh, our Best Family Resort in India, you can experience the best of Palampur in winter.

Activities in Palampur
Sightseeing: You would not want to miss the view of the snow-flurry mountains from the Dhaulandhar ranges. Palampur has a lot of riverways and waterfalls, you get to see the freezing streams of water.

Tea-Tasting: Walk through the tea gardens, and take the opportunity to taste the several varieties of teas that it grows. Don’t omit to take the local speciality of Kangra Tea back home to your friends.

Trekking: It is fabulous weather to trek when you will only sweat your efforts but not the heat that troubles you from above. Rakkh, our Best Family Resort in India, has different kinds of treks curated for you and Snow Trek is one of them.


Paragliding: Take the view from the top of the snowy mountains and the freezing ground below while paragliding. Paragliding is said to be one of the best paragliding sites on the planet.

Spend Snowtime: Do something that you do not get an opportunity in your routine lives? Spend some time in the snow playing and throwing it off on your loved ones.


Pottery: Spend some time in some low-profile activities like learning to mould pots in the village of Andretta. You can also learn pottery at Rakkh, our Best Family Resort in India. We have pottery classes for you to spend your time learning something new.

Sky Cycling: At Rakkh, our Best Family Resort in India has the highest sky cycling! Come test your mettle, suspended high above the ground on metal cables, riding a bike through the clouds. The view is beautiful from that height.

Places to visit in Palampur during the winters:
Baijnath Temple: The Baijnath temple redefines the Nagara style of architecture. The inner and outer walls of the temple boast exotic carvings and sculptures that depict incidents of Hindu mythology and the inner sanctum houses the holy Shivling. The temple is surrounded by lush green gardens that overlook the mighty snow-clad Dhauladhar mountains while filling the air with spirituality.

Neugal Khad: An afternoon picnic at the Neugal Khad is the perfect getaway for a cold winter day when everything else seems impossible to do. The soothing rays of the winter sun, the cold stream that flows beside you and the sight of the snow-covered Dhaulandhar range make it impeccable for a winter day. Neugal Khad is just half an hour’s drive from Rakkh, our Best Family Resort in India.

Kangra Fort: The historical Kangra Fort can be climbed in the winters because you wouldn’t have the trickling drops of sweat to frustrate you.


Palpung Sherabling Monastery: Here you will find monks revelling in life in this ultra-modern monastery. Meditate in the monastery with the monks and leave all your worries behind.

guru nanak

Shri Shobha Art Gallery: Shri Shobha Singh was a painter whose artworks and paintings have been preserved at the Shobha Art Gallery. It has well-looked-after along with a lot of his wife’s works. Sobha Singh is a veteran painter from the Sikh community and his masterpiece of Guru Nanak (with his one hand raised as if to bestow blessings) has brought him ample fame.

Stay at Rakkh: You can choose to stay at Rakkh, our Best Family Resort in India. Ours is an experiential resort so you can choose from the many activities and enjoy your winter holidays.