Experience the beauty of Bhagsunag Waterfall

The majestic Bhagsunag Waterfalls, situated near the Bhagsu village is a major attraction in Himachal Pradesh near our Resort in Dharamshala, Rakkh. An easy trek from the Mcleod Ganj center, the Bhagsunag waterfall is visited by several tourists for its absolutely beautiful view. If you truly want to revel in the glories of nature and spend some quiet time in peace and serenity, the Bhagsunag Waterfalls is a perfect getaway. Situated near the Bhagsu village, at about 7000 feet above sea level, makes it a perfect location to enjoy the beauty of a high-altitude location.

An ideal location for a family picnic or spending some time with loved ones and friends, Bhagsunag Waterfalls is located on the main road that connects Mcleodganj and Dharamshala close to Rakkh resort, our Resort in Dharamshala. Another prime attraction on the way to Bhagsunag Waterfalls is Bhagsunath Temple. Bhagsunag temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, which adds mysticism to the spot by making it extremely popular for the devotees of Shiva. The waterfall is just a few steps from the temple and makes the visit to the temple extremely glorifying. You can take a rickshaw or a cab to the Bhagsu waterfall if you are heading out with children or aged people. If you are a nature lover or adventure junkie, the top view of the mesmerizing Kangra valley which surrounds the waterfall is not to be missed.

The base of the Dhauladhar Valley is the beginning point of this waterfall, which is also a religious spot. The stream passes through the Bhagsunag Temple before flowing down. The Bhagsunag Waterfall reaches the peak of its glory during the monsoon when the waterfalls from a height of 30 feet and look breathtakingly beautiful. The trek that leads to the waterfall is an unparalleled experience with stunning cliffs and trees surrounding the waterfall. You can sit down near the waterfall and enjoy a picnic or even a cup of coffee with a view of the majestic Bhagsunag Waterfall. You can also take a bath in the waterfall, but sometimes it’s freezing and difficult for a normal body to handle. While staying at Rakkh Resort, our resort in Dharamshala, you can plan a trip to the majestic Bhagsunag Falls.

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Located at about an hour distance from Rakkh resort, our resort in Dharamshala, it’s easily approachable by road. The hills and the natural backdrop on the way make the trip to the waterfall even more memorable. There are a few more places near the Bhagsunag waterfall and the temple that you can explore.

Triund Hill: The endpoint of the Triund trek is at about a distance of 2 km and is the perfect activity for adventure fanatics and is a moderate-level trek. The view of the majestic Dhauladhar ranges from the peak of the Triund hill is not to be missed.

Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute: A healthcare institute located near our resort in Dharamshala, Rakkh is involved in the practice, research, and education of Ayurveda. This institute located in Dharamshala is also the residence of His Highness Dalai Lama and can be visited if you are an enthusiast visiting the waterfalls. Tibetan Museum: Tibetian museum highlights the struggle of the people of Tibet in the form of videos and pictures that depict how they have fought for their rights against the Chinese occupation.

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Guna Devi Temple: This temple is at the initial point from where the Triund trek starts. You can offer your prayers in the temple and start your Triund trek.

Naddi ViewPoint: You get to view the massive Dhauladhar ranges from this point. This is the best alternative for getting sight of this hill range if you don’t want to trek or walk for long distances.

Thankas and Gifts: To shop for souvenirs and handicraft items created by the natives, visit this place. Beautiful pieces of art are up for sale at this place with welcoming hosts. It’s always good to buy something as a memory of your trip.

Stay at Rakkh resort, our Resort in Dharamshala, and plan your trip to this amazing waterfall before the onset of winters to enjoy its beauty at its peak when the sky is still clear