05 June 2020

Happy and healthy World Environment Day to you all from Rakkh!

It is Time for Nature at Rakkh, Always

Today as we celebrate the most precious, beautiful and enriching entity in all our lives, even as the dark clouds of a pandemic hovers above us, the unadulterated joy and bliss nature brings to us is palpable amongst all. With passionate conversations about what the future holds and how we should negotiate and transact with nature, society and economy, a lot of interesting ideas, forums and practices are emerging. 

WFH or Work From Home has become the norm decongesting cities and reducing pollution to a great extent. People are buying and consuming local products, supporting and strengthening the sustainable economic enterprises of small businesses. The slow down has created a new appreciation amongst all of us for the solace that little things in nature can offer. We have all become backyard wildlife and birding photographers. We have started to create art and craft. Many of the age-old family recipes are being resurrected from the dusty corners and musty old notebooks. Everything always has a silver lining.

At Rakkh resort in Palampur too, we are hopelessly optimistic, always have been, always will be. Our founding principles, our preamble has been that of conservation and sustainability, of nature, culture, community, wildlife and all the good and great things under the sun worth preserving and celebrating. Rakkh is a perennial celebration of nature, its beauty and bounty. We would love to share these with you when you are able to travel again. Until such time, read on and dream on.

The theme for World Environment Day 2020 is, 'Time for Nature,' with a focus on its role in providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on Earth and human development as enunciated by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme). We submit Rakkh, an experiential and wellbeing resort in Himachal, located in the salubrious mountains of Kangra with an exhilarating and calming environment all around. With the snowy peaks of Dhauladhar standing sentinel in the background, the verdant slopes dotted with quaint villages along winding roads up the hills and down the valley.

Miniature Kangra Paintings - Himachal Pradesh

As you enjoy your time in charming nature, we have put together experiences and practices integral to our existence. Sustainability and conservation are the cornerstones by which we live. Here are some of the innumerable experiences, things to do, when at Rakkh on your ideal vacation.

Rakkh resort in Palampur is all about slow travel, taking time to enjoy the little things in life and feel blessed for them. We have adopted measures to do our bit for the preservation, conservation and enhancement of nature.

Beautiful walking trails along the mountains take you to quaint little villages with warm, ever-smiling locals, simple and industrious at once. One such enterprise you can witness on a hiking trail near Rakkh is a Pan Chakki, water-run mill, owned and operated by the local community. A perennial stream gurgling down the mountain keeps the milling stone churning and provides flour for the entire village. Rakkh too sources its fresh wheat flour from here for the amazing roti you will fall in love with.

Rakkh has cultivated an organic garden and farm, where fresh vegetables are grown without pesticides and insecticides for the benefit of all our guests who enjoy the local delicacies our chefs prepare from the produce of our organic gardens and vegetables sourced from local farmers.

Talking about organic gardens and streams, Rakkh has its own fountain of water, Chururu which provides rich mineral-infused water for potable needs and our farms and gardens. Water from Chururu is filtered, bottled in glass bottles and made available for all guests in their cottages and shared spaces. Single-use plastics are a no-go at Rakkh keeping true to our sustainability and eco-sensitive principles. Chururu has been instrumental in achieving this and we love her and celebrate her every day.

Rakkh Resort in Palampur lies on an ancient pastoral route of the Gaddi tribe who have been grazing their sheep and goats on these mountains for aeons. Twice annually, one can witness the migration of Gaddis along with their herd up and down the mountains for summers and winters. The wool from these sheep is an essential component in the cultural identifiers, the Himachali Shawl and Topi creating a self-sustaining economic eco-system with the added bonus of being ecologically sustainable.

Rakkh is the perfect destination to celebrate nature, culture and life itself. Why don’t you plan your next vacation here, taking time out for nature, to celebrate along with your loved ones the very essence of existence at Rakkh?

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