12th April 2021


Spiti Valley - A cold dessert

Our resort in Himachal Pradesh has various places in and around that you can visit at your leisure. One of the main tourist spots to visit while you're staying in our resort in Himachal Pradesh is Spiti Valley.
Spiti Valley means "middle land," referring to its location between Tibet and India. A cold desert in the Himalayan range of the northeastern state of Himachal Pradesh.
When you begin your journey from our resort in Himachal Pradesh, this northernmost part of the nation will take your breath and leave you mesmerised with the beautiful sceneries and serene landscapes.
Spiti valley a world away from all your worries and fears. You will be treated to clear blue skies, sparkling water streams and short of 250 days of sunshine. When you visit Spiti valley from our resort in Himachal Pradesh, make sure you carry an extra layer of warmth.
The journey to Spiti Valley is not for the faint heart. It is about 370 km from our resort in Himachal Pradesh, and you can travel by road and experience the best scenic car views as you go from Palampur to Manali and Dhar Paidar and finally reach Spiti Valley. Put on your favourite songs while you drift along with the range of majestic views of the Himalayas.
This solitary valley thrives with Buddist cultures with one of the world’s oldest monasteries, Key Monastery and Tabo monastery. These monasteries are also said to be Dalai Lama's favourite.

Ki Monastery in Spiti Valley, a destination near our resort in Himachal Pradesh

Image credits: Incredible India

The Spiti River flows from the Kunzum range from the beds of the Himalayas. When the glaciers melt in the summer season, the river is more rapid. After the river flows through the Spiti valley, it meets the Satluj in Kinnur district near Khab and Namiga.
As the valley shares the border with Tibet, there are many Tibetan influences other than the Buddhist monasteries. The word of One of the early pieces of etymologic evidence is seen in Tibetan literature as Spyi-ti, where "spyi" is denoted as common or central, and ti meant water. Hence, it can be implied that, according to Tibetian sources, Spiti is the primary source of water in the valley.

The mesmerising Spiti Valley 370kms from our resort in Himachal Pradesh

Image credits:  Timothy Gonsalves

Spiti has witnessed in its history a couple of wars and many political regimes from Gurge and Ladakh to Tibet and Dogra, Bushahr and the regime of British India to finally being a part of Indian democracy. The people of Spiti have influences of Western Tibetan in their culture, language and daily lives. Their cultural blend of Tibet and India makes Spiti valley a unique haven that you would never experience before.  
While staying at our resort in Himachal Pradesh, make sure you visit the Chicham Bridge, Dhankar Lake, Key Monastry and Pin Valley National Park, located near Spiti Valley.
Although Buddism plays a dominant role in this valley, there is a lot of influence from Ladakh in the region. The valley has months of heavy snow, harsh climates and less vegetation. Irrespective of their external habitats, Spitians are kind-hearted, simple people full of spirituality and innocence.
Spiti Valley is also known as the 'land of lamas' where the people predominantly follow Vajrayana Buddhism. There is probably 36% of the population segregated for Hindus, Muslim, Christians and other religions. You can see the vast difference between Spiti Valley and other parts of India when you travel from our resort in Himachal Pradesh.
Spiti Valley is a truly remarkable experience that you must indulge in when you stay in our resort in Himachal Pradesh.

 Journey to Spiti alley from our resort in Himachal Pradesh

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