Snowfall in Dharamshala- Focus on the snow Trek at Rakkh

16 Sept 2020

Snowfall in Dharamshala- Focus on the snow Trek at Rakkh

“When snow falls, nature listens.” - Antoinette van Kleeff
Dharamshala is blessed with abundant snowfall in the winter months. The snow, like a blanket, covers everything right from the mountain peaks to the valley. It is an experience in itself to witness how the snow swirls in the wind, dancing it's away and covering everything along its way into a sheet of white, transforming the hill station into fantasy land, with a certain charm and magic.
Snow, like a masterstroke of a virtuoso, can bring out the true beauty of Dharamshala.
Every travel pro, famous travel magazine, or travel blogs, would recommend visiting Dharamshala in the winter months starting from December till February. It is a great time for travel enthusiasts and families to plan a getaway. Escape the city life and say hello to Winter Wonderland. For hikers and trekkers, Dharamshala is probably the best destination to plan hiking and trekking in the snow. A lot of experienced travelers await the snowfall in Dharamshala, to plan their next expedition.
Bored with the monotonous life and desperately want to escape the city pollution? Now is the time to book your winter getaway with Rakkh Resorts. While booking your stay at Rakkh, simultaneously travelers can plan their next winter adventure. The team at the resort can suggest many adventure activities such as snow treks, snow hikes, and walks, paragliding and the list goes on.

Maggi experiences for family at Rakkh Resort Palampur

For trekkers, the resort always recommends the Gadhi Point Trek. It is an experience of a lifetime. The Gadhi Point Trek experience is out of this world. It is unique and exhilarating in every sense. It is curated for snow lovers and adventure seekers to help them experience the magic of snow in the winters. One of the first places to hit at the beginning of this trek is a village. The experience of witnessing a snow-clad village surrounded by pine and deodar trees is similar to watching a book such as 'Chronicles of Narnia' come alive. Observing and feeling the old world charm of the quaint village.
A little ahead of the village, lies a temple, where trekkers can catch their breath before they continue their expedition. After resting, trekkers can continue their journey with the trek until they reach the Gadhi peak. The Gadhi peak is one of the majestic snow-clad peaks in Dharamshala. It is considered an important snow point of the region.
After 10 hours, 18 km of the trek, the view of the Gadhi point makes all the hard work seem worth it. It's probably the same thrill and adrenaline rush great mountaineers feel after conquering peaks. Standing tall, taking in the high altitude air, and experiencing the emotions of standing tall and mighty amidst the majestic, snow-clad mountains. A sense of victory, a sense of hope, and a sense of awe for nature.
"A great adventure awaits you. Come and witness the magic of the snow."

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