15 October 2020

Diwali in Himachal Pradesh

Celebrate the festival of lights in the solitude and peace of the Himalayas, in the company of the Dhauladhars that oversee our active resort in Palampur. Diwali, known popularly as the festival of lights is a 5-day affair celebrated throughout the nation. As with all festivities, the Himachal adds a few unique twists to the celebrations.
To begin with, the people of the hills celebrate more than just the main festival. According to legend, Diwali is a celebration to commemorate Lord Rama conquering the Asuras and rescuing his consort Sita. However, news of Lord Rama’s victory reached the Himalayas only a month after the actual event took place. This was known as Buddhi Diwali and to this day this subset of Diwali is celebrated one month after the formal celebrations during the new moon. There are folk dances and merriment, and feasts with both vegetarian and meat preparations flow through the day.

So what does Diwali in the hills look like? As the 5 days approach, the residents of these villages clear out their house and tidy it up, and some go so far as to repaint their homes entirely. For some businessmen, Diwali is also an important time to update their accounts and start fresh books for the months ahead. Praises are sung in honour of the Goddess Of Wealth Lakshmi, who is said to bless everyone’s home during the festivities. The villagers also soak rice and then powder it to turn into designs on the floor. Of course, the most conspicuous aspect of these celebrations is the numerous lamps that are lit in every household. The valley has a dim friendly glow that complements the stars, as opposed to glaring urban street lights that take away the magic.
Rakkh Resort is a proud upholder of tradition and Himachali heritage, and we invite you to come to stay at our resort in Himachal during these festive months with special packages. Our resort in Palampur is the perfect location to go exploring the local villages during the festival of lights!

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