22 Jan 2021


Adventure In Himachal | Rakkh Resort 

There are numerous incentives for people to plan their holiday in Himachal. A tour of the ancient temples, the walks by the various streams and pahadi villages or a do-nothing getaway in Himachal to relax by the mountainside and sip on some tea at our resort in Himachal.
There are those among us however that plan a holiday in Himachal for entirely different reasons. To get the heart racing. To achieve the impossible at nearly 16,000 ft above sea level. For those that seek adventure, the mighty playgrounds of the Himachal offer the best outdoors experience, and then some. With all activities located at very convenient distances from our resort in Himachal Pradesh, there’s no reason for you to while away another weekend in the city when you could be soaring above the clouds!

helicopter rides near our resort in dharamshala

Credits: Himalayan Heli

Helicopter Rides

Helicopters are almost a way of life in the hills. The thrill of flying above the clouds in a powerful helicopter is one that must be experienced in Himachal Pradesh. There are several tour operators that conduct varied helicopter tours in Himachal. You can charter a helicopter for admiring the vast reaches of the Himalayas, or climb aboard a special helicopter that ferries pilgrims between the various spiritual realms of the region like Chardham, Vaishno Devi or other major centers of worship.  

Dharamshala is also a major transit point for helicopter charters, so you have the option of staying at our resort in Himachal Pradesh that is quite close to Dharamshala before your next journey by air.


An activity that people usually do not relate to Himachal Pradesh at first but eventually fall in love with. There truly is nothing like tearing down the slopes of the hills while skiing. There are several designated ski slopes in Himachal that you can travel to from our resort in Himachal Pradesh. Solang is one such destination where both beginner and amateur skiers can stretch their legs out and conquer some slopes. The more advanced skiers can travel to Hanuman Tibba. This mighty Dhauladhar is the tallest of the entire Dhauladhar range at an altitude of nearly 19,626 ft. If you felt you weren’t at a high enough altitude before, you certainly will be now! 

skiing near our resort in dharamshala


This one should come as no surprise given that Himachal is now one of the prime global destinations for the paragliding championship. The towns of Bir and Billing around a mere hour’s drive from our resort in Himachal Pradesh are now particularly famous for their paragliding hotspots. Your flight starts at an altitude of nearly 8000ft above sea level at the town of Billing and depending on your comfort levels and experience, can go on for about half an hour, slowly soaring above the Dhauladhars. Paragliding for beginners is usually organized with a flight instructor in tandem, however solo flight is also a possibility for more experienced people.

paragliding near our resort in dharamshala

River Rafting

The crystalline, pristine waters of the Himachal are ever shifting in speed and intensity. In some places, especially around our resort in Himachal Pradesh, the waters are calm and composed. But in some places, the true raw might of these rivers gets unleashed, making for some excellent rafting. Take on the waters of the Himachal at Rishikesh, which is a few hours journey away, or Manali, another 5 hour journey from our resort in Himachal Pradesh.  

rafting near our resort in dharamshala


 Roads up north in the hills are best enjoyed on two wheels. For the biker out there, a trip to Himachal on bike is akin to completing a pilgrimage. You have to do it at least once in life. The treacherous yet serene roads of the Himalayas mean that you will have to hire a hardy bike to take you across confidently. There are several bike tour operators in Dharamshala that organize tours according to your preferences, so do check accordingly. 

biking near our resort in dharamshala


For those that want to venture outdoors but participate in a slower yet equally enthralling adventure, the multitude of treks around Dharamshala should be more than fitting. Our own resort in Himachal Pradesh is host to a great number of treks, and our winter trek is a particularly exclusive experience that occurs when the snow gently blankets these mighty hills that surround us. 

trekking near our resort in dharamshala

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