8th April 2021


A New Chapter Of Sustainability With Dharamshala Social!

Rakkh Resort in Himachal Pradesh is delighted and excited to announce a new partnership and friendship with a venture that has forever been a beacon to the heroes of Himachal Pradesh: The farmers, small business owners and people looking to make a difference. Rakkh has partnered with Dharamshala Social, a sustainable collective by Dharamshala folks.
We’ve now set up a kiosk for Dharamshala Social at our resort in Himachal Pradesh, and it contains some of the most special goodies from all across the entire state made with love and hard work by independent artists, small businesses, gourmet chefs and even researchers and other entrepreneurs. Let’s look at the collection of small businesses that are supported by Rakkh and Social!
Tenacious Bee: We all love honey. But the truth is that honeybees are now an endangered species and also no longer seen as useful thanks to commercial honey production. This is where the Tenacious Bee Collective comes in. In tandem with researchers, apiarists and farmers, the collective aims to restore ecological balance to the Himalayas with the help of honeybees and sell some delicious honey in the process. These honeys are raw and unpasteurized single floral honeys and collected sustainably directly from the beekeepers or apiarists. They also rely on traditional beekeeping methods as opposed to the industrialized techniques that harm the little ones. Do check out their floral honeys at our resort in Himachal Pradesh!

honey at our resort in himachal pradesh

Mattu Ki Karigari:

A unique business owned by Mamta Devi, Mattu Ki Karigari is a fine example of local craftsmanship and the usage of indigenous material. Karigari meaning craftsmanship, Mamta’s business consists of selling natural handicrafts made entirely out of pine needles! The pine trees around our resort in Himachal Pradesh are primarily a native species known as pinus roxburghii. Mamta decided to turn these into beautiful baskets, tables, chairs and decorations for the home. A completely unique product out of something that proliferates in Himachal!

basket at our resort in Himachal Pradesh

The High Station:
Founded by Abhishek Kapoor, The High Station is a boutique business that sells 100% organic ingredients that are not easy to get one’s hands on like whole turmeric, single floral honeys, black rajma, Quinoa and more! With unique products like Eucalyptus honey and pure desi ghee that Abhishek sources from his surrounding villages, we just knew we had to try his stuff! The High Station truly leaves one in high spirits.  
Sakura Cafe: 
Japanese food around our resort in Himachal Pradesh? Now you certainly have the opportunity. Sakura is an experimental Japanese set up where the food is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. At our resort in Himachal Pradesh, Sakura has a collection of delectable Japanese chocolates and teas for you to choose from along with a variety of other Japanese foods. The matcha chocolates are to die for! Who knew that something tea based mixed with chocolate would taste so good? Don’t forget to pick up a box of Sakura goodies when visiting! 

chocolate at our resort in Himachal

The perfect gift for a loved one or even to pamper yourself, don’t miss AromaRich’s collection of Aromatherapy fragrant mood based bath and body products (body butter, lip balm, soap bars, bath scrubs, essential oils, pillow sprays, incense sticks). All of AromaRich’s lineup will literally leave a rejuvenated you, and will do so 100% naturally!  

Trinetra Creations:  
Art has always been a driving force for people living in the hills, whether it’s our Kangra paintings or more contemporary movements like the Andretta Pottery. Now we have Trinetra Creations, artwork from Kiran Singh, a local artist whose paintings are available for purchase at our resort in Himachal Pradesh. Ranging from nature to abstract to spirituality to landscape and still life, Kiran’s own background as a metal guitarist helps bring about evocative images in their mind that translate instantaneously onto canvas. Do not miss out on Kiran's work when visiting our resort in Himachal Pradesh!  

painting at our resort in Himachal pradesh

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